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Perception Season 2


Pierce's mental stability falls into question when he's accused of stalking his girlfriend on Perception.


Pierce thinks the CIA may be targeting US citizens and then his close friend is murdered on Perception.


Lewicki's brother is a suspect in a homicide and he begins to question Pierce's loyalty on Perception.


When an autistic team is a suspect in a murder, Pierce tries to help on Perception.


Pierce and Donnie must work together to clear Morretti when she faces criminal charges after a case on Perception.


Pierce must deal with an old flame who comes to town while Donnie tries to help a war hero with possible neurological issues on Perception.


Pierce looks into a stabbing at a psychiatric hospital where he believes a dark secret is hidden on Perception.


A deathbed confession causes Pierce and Moretti to investigate a hit and run from 1992 on Perception.


Things take a surprising turn when Pierce investigates a defective device that is suppose to stop tremors on Perception.


The line between reality and fantasy becomes blurred when a man obsessed with on-line gaming is murdered on Perception.


Pierce uncovers a dark secret when he looks into the abnormal reactions in an ailing group of girls on Perception.


Pierce and Moretti investigate a series of bizarre murders appears to be connected to unintentional blindness on Perception.


Pierce and Moretti uncover an unexpected discovery when they investigate the claim that a woman's husband was abducted by aliens on Perception.


On the season 2 premiere of Perception, Moretti's soon to be ex-husband prosecutes a case where Pierce has to decide it the accused is competent to stand trial.

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