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Sam, Cooper, and Amelia teamed up to save Pete's life after he suffered a heart attack. Violet never made it on her plane to New York, and returned to LA to be with Pete and Lucas.

Meanwhile, Addison and Sam are back together. Addie made an important step forward toward her baby dreams by finally making an appointment with a fertility specialist, who surprisingly happens to be her recent mystery man.

Amelia's growing sobriety issue worsens.


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i love Addison, first of all i love to play a character that has like i don't know a muiulttde of degreess that i have neonatalogy, paranatalogy it's fun to be the boss of the internes too i really would enjoy to be the boss of thing but infortunatly my world is small, i have 2 cats and a dog, so it's like do that ! do that ! i run a tight she is so fun !!!


Richelle, check out the Quotes section. I loved that quote, too, and made sure to include it. :)


I want to see last night's episode


I really loved Addison's quote about how a woman changes and is forever a mother after their child is born. If anyone knows the exact quote, PLEASE, let me know.

Private Practice Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

You tomato-ed me back. I like that.


You can keep Addison company all night as long as you two stop pretending you aren't back together because you can't sell it. It's making me uncomfortable.


Private Practice Season 5 Episode 1 Music

  Song Artist
Song I Don't Really Care Miss Eighty 6
Alex cornish space and time Space and Time Alex Cornish iTunes
Alex cornish rely Rely Alex Cornish iTunes