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A Festive Pair - Reign
Watch Reign Season 2 Episode 4
"The Lamb and the Slaughter"
Original Air Date:

This will be filled in closer to the air date so come back.

Happier Times - Reign
Watch Reign Season 2 Episode 3
Original Air Date:

On Reign, France is in a state of famine and political and religious unrest. Mary takes a risk hoping to feed her people, inciting the wrath of Lord Narcisse.

The King and Queen Confer - Reign
Watch Reign Season 2 Episode 2
"Drawn and Quartered"
Original Air Date:

On Reign, Mary suffers consequences for her actions as a result of what she did to Narcisse as punishment. His father, Lord Narcisse, comes to the castle demanding vengeance.

Francis Saves Lola - Reign Season 2 Episode 1
Watch Reign Season 2 Episode 1
"The Plague"
Original Air Date:

Mary takes charge on the Reign Season 2 premiere. It centers on the return of the Plague.

Kenna Stifles a Scream
Watch Reign Season 1 Episode 22
"Slaughter of Innocence"
Original Air Date:

Francis makes a shocking choice, Mary makes a surprising decision, and the nature of the Darkness is revealed, in the season finale of Reign.

Mary and Francis in Love
Watch Reign Season 1 Episode 21
"Long Live the King"
Original Air Date:

Mary looks to Catherine for guidance on how to handle Henry, and Bash goes after the Darkness, on Reign.

Francis Leads his Army
Watch Reign Season 1 Episode 20
"Higher Ground"
Original Air Date:

Mary goes to extremes to find the money to protect her mother on Reign.

Mary Contemplates
Watch Reign Season 1 Episode 19
"Toy Soldiers"
Original Air Date:

Mary's Uncle arrives with tragic news about her mother and she and Francis realize they have to decide between what's before their countries or their marriage.

Partners Mary and Francis
Watch Reign Season 1 Episode 18
"No Exit"
Original Air Date:

Mary's brother pays a visit and tries to lure the queen back to Scotland, on Reign.

Mary Queen of Scots and Greer
Watch Reign Season 1 Episode 17
"Liege Lord"
Original Air Date:

Mary discovers a secret clause in her marriage contract that could mark her for murder on Reign.

When you watch Reign online you will be taken into th hearts and minds of Mary, Queen of Scots and her betrothed, Francis II, son of King Henry and Catherine Medici. They were pledged to each other as children, but as adults it will be up to them assume the roles of King and Queen of France and other countries as they grow. Do not expect a historically accurate portrayal of the royals, but do expect a steamy, romantic and sexy filled tale about how royalty could be. You may be surprised to find that true love can prevail, even when duty is chosen over love more often than not. Adelaide Kane embodies Mary and Toby Regbo is fantastic as the man who will be king. Torrance Coombs plays his illegitimate brother, Bash, with whom he must compete for the crown he once believed only would go to him, as well as his love, Mary. How will the threesome march through the politics? Will they come out as friends, lovers, family? Why does Queen Catherine want to stop Francis' marriage to Mary? Will she be successful? There is only one way for you to find out and that is to watch Reign online.

Reign Quotes

My dear, this was not an act of passion. It was treason.

Queen Catherine

Love is irrelevant to people like us.

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