Lay down your burdens, Mother, so I am no longer you worry. I promise you, I will let no one, not Elizabeth, not any usurper, take my country from me. Since I was a babe, I have been a Queen. Since a child, I have been alone on foreign soil. I know how to keep my life, my crown and I will.


Mary: What are you doing to dull you ache for power? Do you really miss sitting on my throne that much?
Marie de Guise: I am dying and I am leaving you alone to a terribly uncertain future.

Francis: Then be my wife!
Mary: I can't. We've been over this already. Too much has passed between us.
Francis: Too much you blame me for. While Conde remains untarnished. And now you want to go to him, thinking it will erase your pain. It won't Mary. I won't let you do it. No. I forbid it.

One night. Don't flaunt your bountiful womb at me. It may have been one night, but you are and always have been Mary's Lady. When you were a child, there were dozens of little girls whose families begged me for that position, but I chose you because you played well together, because you didn't hurt or throw mud at her. But now you have done both, as clearly Francis can procreate with anyone, they say. The gossip of his tryst finds fault with Mary!

Marie de Guise

Greer: Charlene, there are other clients you might make yourself available to.
Charlene: I'm available. Because I'm a whore, you see, that's the point.

Francis: I cannot believe that you would base your choice solely on international policy. Once you spoke to me about the need for love. What would this encounter be? Are you saying that you are hoping to us beginning again?
Mary: I'm speaking of our duty. To our nations, to each other. I'm asking you to help me protect myself, my rule.
Francis: I need to think about it and I think you do as well.

You are on the cusp of losing your country. Either you or Elizabeth will rule Scotland and England. Make an heir and it will be you.

Marie de Guise

Conde: I hear you. I do. But of all the reasons you've expound of why we can't be together none are of the heart. I have to fight every instinct I have pulling me toward you. When I'm near you I am aware of every breath you take and when I am away even the wind in the trees reminds me of you.
Mary: You will be the death of me and I of you.

[to Antoine] You poisoned a king and a queen and I helped you get away with it. We each hold a noose for the other.


You say that I can be free, open to another. But without you my heart is closed as tight as a fist.


Antoine: We must not be stained by the crimes of the dead, not when life and peace are so fragile. I forgive you, for the sake of your soul and peace between our two nations and my brother will do the same.
Francis: Let it be so. May our feuds die with our fathers.

Conde: I have done nothing but be a friend to you and to Francis, doing your bidding no matter the peril or price.
Francis: But you must understand...
Conde: That there is bad blood between our lines?! You think I don't know that? You call us murderers after all you've done to our family. You destroyed our brother. Maimed him, left him for dead!
Francis: [to Bash] Is this true?
Conde: In the Italian wars, wars we fought for the house of Valois, you stabbed him in the back you coward. You are the murderers.

Reign Quotes

Rowan: Those who look upon it are taken. And those who are taken die.
Bash: How convenient.

Lola: You're so modest, sometimes I forget that your family owns half of Scotland.
Aylee: Only the lower half!