It is a tragedy that your son died without last rites. But if you want his soul to enter into the kingdom of Heaven unencumbered by sin, the cost of that indulgence is eight livres, not two.

Cardinal Desjardin

I will spill blood to defend what's mine.


So you're my new keeper.


You are a necessary evil whose orbit I can't seem to escape.


But you have to know, that no matter your choices, you still have a husband who would do anything to make you happy.


I opened my heart to a liar.


And now I am lying for you, lying even to my brother, protecting you as you take comfort in the arms of another.


Do we trust each other?


Build a future controlled by you, not the changeable heart of a woman.


I'm sorry we've come to this.


But if you sincerely believe that your best path to healing is at his side, I will not stand in your way.


Francis: So I should stand by, a King, and grant my wife free reign to be with another man?
Lola: I don't know, Francis. It depends on how much you love her. And how much you want her to heal. And to heal yourself.

Reign Quotes

Rowan: Those who look upon it are taken. And those who are taken die.
Bash: How convenient.

Am I the only one in this bed with something to forget?