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-The crew from 15 division gather at Jerry's funeral.

-Chris and Dov clear out Jerry's desk and find $30,000 in cash he was about to use on a case.  Traci says his laptop was stolen from her car and the information has put his open investigation in jeopardy.

-Sam requests to ride alone but ends up working the case with Andy and Nick. They track down Jerry's informant, Dale Curry.

-Dale tells them that the drug dealers he was setting up have taken his 16 year old autistic brother. Sam thinks he's lying. Andy believes him.  Turns out he was lying but Sam, Andy, and Nick still manage to make the bust.

-Traci sees a guilt ridden Gail at the hospital and convinces her to go to the gathering for Jerry at The Black Penny. Traci reads the speech Jerry was going to read at their wedding but Gail has to finish reading it for her. Everyone is in tears.

-Sam tells Andy if he had listened to his own instincts instead of her that day that Jerry might still be alive.  He tells her he can't be a cop and be with her and they break up.

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My wife and I just finishes watching and we're both not happy with Jerrys death, we have seen him on another show, Covert Affairs and wondered what was going on.We liked his charicter and wish he didn't have to go but that's show business!


I'm very disappointed that they killed Jerry. I am equally disappointed that they brought back Luke. Seeing as how he wasn't missed or mentioned by the cast enough to warrant a return. He seemed out of touch with the role, as if the character of Luke was inserted as an afterthought. He just didn't fit with the rest of the cast. Although I knew that Jerry was the likely target for the kill-off! I sort of wished that they simply placed him in a coma, or severely needed a few organ transplants! Making it touch and go for a while. Let him linger a couple of episodes before shutting off life support. You can't just kill the guy right away. That's just wrong. I want to know how his other half is going to deal with this? How will she cope? Luke is so irritating, I just don't know how I feel about watching it for the next season. Somebody is going to really have to make up for this!

Rookie Blue Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Tomorrow we're going to wake up and the world's going to expect it to be like any other day.


Jerry, who proposed to me by engraving it on the back of a knife.