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Watch Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 7 online to see Grace and Anika visit college.

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Episode Details

Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 7: "Satisfaction...Through Terms and Conditions"

Grace and Anika head off to visit college while Neil stresses over meeting a deadline at work on Satisfaction.

Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Neil: My point is that we don't have to have those petty arguments to solve our problems. We just talk them through.
Grace: Mmm hmm.
Neil: Don't we?
Grace: You never really want to talk.
Neil: I try.
Grace: You do. You try.
Neil: You don't always want to talk.
Grace: You don't always listen.
Neil: Are you kidding me?

Lawrence: She's just a friend!
Renee: Friends don't share genital pics.
Lawrence: It was a joke! You saw that. Those aren't even my balls!

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