Through Terms and Conditions Scene - Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 7
This is a scene from "...Through Terms and Conditions." It is the seventh episode of Satisfaction Season 1.


I just watched the promo for next week. In the scene where Simon tells Grace he will tell her the truth, the open rear door of an ambulance is behind Grace. I wonder if the ambulance was for Neil after the beating he took from Mallory's husband. Simon is maybe telling Grace he will tell her the real reason Neil was beat up (for sleeping with somebody else's wife). I am sure that he will neglect telling her the fact that Neil was impersonating Simon at the time. With this scenario Neil is the adulterer and Grace and Simon are still a secret.


Ok; I guess the final will have Grace going to Milan. Simon is going to tell her everything he knows next week. 10 episodes. I'm sorry Neil is stupid. It is obvious that Grace would like to discuss more with him, but he doesn't listen to her. He listens intently to his dates, but when she tries to make a point he hears her, but doesn't listen. The conversation in the kitchen. Her bar fight. He tries to make his point with out seeing her side. Very interesting the woman in the prison tells Simon that when you love someone you forgive them. Now he knows to pull Grace away from Neil he has an up hill battle. Is that why he spills the beans to her next week? Ok; up to this point I've been giving Grace the benefit of the doubt. That changed this week. When Dylan says to her " I would have remembered you" in a sexual way. She never says anything to her sister. Not even a "how well do you know him", " are you sure he's right for you"? Neil and Grace both deserve what they're going to get.

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Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Neil: My point is that we don't have to have those petty arguments to solve our problems. We just talk them through.
Grace: Mmm hmm.
Neil: Don't we?
Grace: You never really want to talk.
Neil: I try.
Grace: You do. You try.
Neil: You don't always want to talk.
Grace: You don't always listen.
Neil: Are you kidding me?

Lawrence: She's just a friend!
Renee: Friends don't share genital pics.
Lawrence: It was a joke! You saw that. Those aren't even my balls!