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Gemma reveals Maureen's letters to Jax on part one of the season four finale, encouraging him to kill Clay and take his rightful place as President of SAMCRO. But Tara also has a scheme.

She actually gives Jax the weapon that will cause Clay's lungs to fill with blood - he's in the hospital, following last week's shooting by Opie, who Jax has dropped at a different hospital, after putting a bullet through his wrist - and also encourages him to make the kill... but then to return home, pick her and the boys home and leave Charming for good.

Elsewhere, Tig responded to Clay's shooting by going rogue. He tried to run down LeRoy - Jax, Clay and Unser agreed to make it look like a Niners hit - with his car, killing the leader's girlfriend in the process. Gotta figure that will have repercussions.

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On the last episode, "part one", during the car/bike chase scene, can someone tell me who was the artist that played that awsome song, "put it down"????. Was it Bun B? Thank's Fred I'm a loyal fan since day one!


I love this show. I want to be the person who says, "Previously, on Sons of Anarchy", just once! The writers, actors, and directors rock. Dying to see tonight's episode!


I was so hoping that Tara would be the one to take care of Wendy, since Gemma and Jax talking with her did nothing. I was really hoping Tara would be the one to get throu to her so to speak. I mean Wendy knows how to take and handle Gemma and Jax but she doesnt know crazy eyed Tara. I love it!


about time that piece of shit clay got what was cumming to him well done opie justice for donna an pinney clay plays a great part but i cont like what he is well done opie


best acting last nite by charlie hunnan and ryan hurst nobody better anywhere in tvthis show has the best actors actresses ever better than mash it should go on for ever listen to that kurt cause youre a pretty damm good actor yourself