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On Suits Season 5 Episode 9, Rachel and her mother plan her wedding, while Jessica fends off a head on attack from Daniel Hardman. Click inside for all new photos!
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On Suits Season 5 Episode 7, Esther is back, but will Louis find out about her tryst with Harvey? Check out these all new photos from "Hitting Home" to find out!
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On Suits Season 5 Episode 6, Harvey and Dr. Agard are on opposite ends of a case, and Donna attempts to plan the perfect wedding for Rachel. Check inside to see photos!
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Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.


The longer you go, the less the money matters. The food doesn't taste as good. The cars aren't fast enough. The view isn't high enough. And finally, you realize that you would trade it all in for one night of going to bed, where you don't have to worry, 'When are they going to come for me?'