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An Unusual Scene
Watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 9
"Clap Your Hands If You Believe"
Original Air Date:

Dean gets abducted from a crop circle this week. The culprits? Nope, not aliens... but fairies! Also prevalent on the episode? Elves, gnomes and a leprechaun.

Just Being Dean
Watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 8
"All Dogs Go to Heaven"
Original Air Date:

A skinwalker posing as a dog and taking revenge on his enemies causes problems for San and Dean this week. Once the brothers track him down, they learn of an even bigger danger on the horizon.

Family Trip
Watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 7
"Family Matters"
Original Air Date:

Dean goes with Sam and his cousins on a hunting trip this week. But things don't go so well once they hit the woods.

Easy, Dean
Watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 6
"You Can't Handle the Truth"
Original Air Date:

Sam and Dean look into a bunch of suicide this week and learn a disturbing fact about them. The Goddess of Truth ends up playing a key role.

Vampires on Supernatural
Watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 5
"Live Free or Twi-hard"
Original Air Date:

Dean is turned into a vampire on this episode. How does he get changed back? That question is at the center of "Live Free or Twi-hard."

Crowley and Bobby
Watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 4
"Weekend at Bobby's"
Original Air Date:

Bobby learns that Crowley has no plans to return his soul on this episode. As a result, the hunter takes matters into his own hands.

Watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 3
"The Third Man"
Original Air Date:

Castiel returns this week, as the brothers tackle the case of dead police officers. They all seem to have been killed by the plagues of Egypt.

A Baby!
Watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 2
"Two and a Half Men"
Original Air Date:

Sam looks into a case regarding missing babies whose parents are being killed on this episode. Samuel then gets involved in controversial manner.

Return of Mitch Pileggi
Watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 1
"Exile on Main St."
Original Air Date:

Supernatural kicks off its sixth season with a clean slate. Dean is happily, safely living at home... until Sam comes around, that is.

Lucifer Shrugs
Watch Supernatural Season 5 Episode 22
"Swan Song"
Original Air Date:

This is the fifth season finale of Supernatural. It focuses on the looming Apocalypse and, sadly, the death of a beloved character.

When you watch Supernatural online you will get to know brother Sam and Dean Winchester. Their mother was killed when Sam was just a baby by a demon and their father went on a hunt to find the creature that did it. That means that the brothers had only each other and a lot of cheap hotel rooms in which to grow up. Big brother Dean looked after his little brother, and Sam was able to have a relatively normal upbringing under the circumstances. That changed when John Winchester went missing and Dean had to enlist his brother's help, ripping him out of college, to roam the country in search of clues leading to his father. When you watch Supernatural online you will be with the brothers in their search and meet the creatures they run into and eradicate along the way. They have brushes with demons, the king of hell (Crowley), Death (himself) and even Lucifer. The brothers are renowned for their work and both feared and revered, depending upon who you ask. When you watch Supernatural online you'll also meet their angel friend, Castiel, who works along side them with the king of hell. If it sounds strange, it isn't. You need to watch Supernatural online now. You have work to do!

Supernatural Quotes

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