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Drinking Beer on Supernatural
Watch Supernatural Season 9 Episode 9
"Holy Terror"
Original Air Date:

Sam and Dean look into an angel slaughter on the midseason finale of Supernatural. Elsewhere, Castiel is captured and tortured

Watch Supernatural Season 9 Episode 8
"Rock and a Hard Place"
Original Air Date:

Sam and Dean join a church chastity group to try and find out who has murdered four victims on Supernatural.

Bringing Back Ghosts
Watch Supernatural Season 9 Episode 7
"Bad Boys"
Original Air Date:

Dean helps with a ghost issue at a home for delinquent boys where he was years earlier for stealing on Supernatural.

Castiel with a Job
Watch Supernatural Season 9 Episode 6
"Heaven Can't Wait"
Original Air Date:

Castiel gets a job on this episode of Supernatural. Elsewhere, Crowley agrees to help Sam and Kevin… in return for something.

Listen To the Dog
Watch Supernatural Season 9 Episode 5
"Dog Dean Afternoon"
Original Air Date:

Dean uses a spell to communicate with a German Shepherd when he realizes that the dog is a witness to a murder on Supernatural.

Dorothy from Oz
Watch Supernatural Season 9 Episode 4
"Slumber Party"
Original Air Date:

Sam and Dean find Dorothy and the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz who have been stuck in a a magical green web wall on Supernatural.

Castiel's On the Run
Watch Supernatural Season 9 Episode 3
"I'm No Angel"
Original Air Date:

Castiel is hunted by a group of angels while Sam and Dean race to save him on Supernatural.

Kidnapping Crowley
Watch Supernatural Season 9 Episode 2
"Devil May Care"
Original Air Date:

As a way to track down the demons on earth, Dean attempts to kidnap Crowley on Supernatural.

Super Scene
Watch Supernatural Season 9 Episode 1
"I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here"
Original Air Date:

Dean does all he can to help Sam on the Supernatural Season 9 premiere.

Stopping the Demon King
Watch Supernatural Season 8 Episode 23
Original Air Date:

On the eighth season finale of Supernatural, Sam and Dean go up against to Demon King to stop him from undoing all of the good they have accomplished as hunters.

When you watch Supernatural online you will get to know brother Sam and Dean Winchester. Their mother was killed when Sam was just a baby by a demon and their father went on a hunt to find the creature that did it. That means that the brothers had only each other and a lot of cheap hotel rooms in which to grow up. Big brother Dean looked after his little brother, and Sam was able to have a relatively normal upbringing under the circumstances. That changed when John Winchester went missing and Dean had to enlist his brother's help, ripping him out of college, to roam the country in search of clues leading to his father. When you watch Supernatural online you will be with the brothers in their search and meet the creatures they run into and eradicate along the way. They have brushes with demons, the king of hell (Crowley), Death (himself) and even Lucifer. The brothers are renowned for their work and both feared and revered, depending upon who you ask. When you watch Supernatural online you'll also meet their angel friend, Castiel, who works along side them with the king of hell. If it sounds strange, it isn't. You need to watch Supernatural online now. You have work to do!

Supernatural Quotes

Dean: They're rehearsing the BM scene.
Sam: The bowel movement scene?

You betrayed me? No one in the history of torture's been tortured with torture like the torture you'll be tortured with.