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Allison tells her family that Jackson is the kanima, so they come up with a plan.  Meanwhile, Scott and the crew also come up with a plan.  Neither plan works as the kanima and its master murder yet another person.  Stiles and his father figure out that all of the victims are the same age, and are seemingly from the same class in school.  Unfortunately for Mr. Stilinski, he is put on a leave of absence due to Stiles's recent trouble.  Scott is captured by Mrs. Argent and almost killed, but Derek shows up to save him and bites Mrs. Argent in the process.

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Did the evil mrs argent just die. I didn't like her character, she was pointless. If she's dead it's her own fault for trying to kill Scott...now Allison is going to find out he's in derricks pack and blame him for her death...hence they break up and perhaps that's why Matt is seen cozying up to her as of lately. I wonder if Peter is somehow controlling Jackson in some way. I don't think it's the teacher guy, but he definately had something to do with Peter in season one, and now he's significant and we don't know why yet. Finding myself wondering more and more about the vet. He's been a big question mark since season one.

Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Isaac: What are you some kind of witch?
Vet: No, I'm a veterinarian.

Careful gentleman, something wicked this way comes.