Teen Wolf Review: Unkindness of Raving

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The action never seems to stop on Teen Wolf, and that was no different on "Raving." Both sides made plans, neither of which worked out how they had wanted, and a couple of people were hurt in the process.

The first - or the last, as it was how the hour ended - was Mrs. Argent, who took the bite from Derek after attempting to destroy her daughter's boyfriend. That's what she gets, though. You can't mess with Scott McCall. When you do, you get bitten, literally.

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Derek coming to Scott's rescue was awesome. Ever since they first met up way back in the beginning, it has always been nice to see their connection come to the forefront. Derek was seriously worried about Scott, and when the latter uttered "I'm not alone" I can only hope he was referring to his quasi-pal Derek.

As for Mrs. Argent, I guess this is the first of a number of big surprises that J.R. Bourne teased to us a few weeks ago. "There's going to be a tragedy, something that the Argents are going to have to deal with," Bourne said back in June. This is certainly something they're going to have to deal with.

You know who is also going to have to deal with something? The family of that girl that the kanima and its master obliterated. She just got sliced up like Thanksgiving turkey.  

How about this master, though? Dead? A ghost? Undead? Revived? What's going on with this person? We learned - thanks to the help of the Stiles men - that all of the victims were 24 and may have been in the same class. It seems as though they all may have ganged up to kill this master so he is seeking his revenge.

How exactly that is happening I'm not sure, but watching this kanima master gets its revenge is more entertaining than seeing Emily Thorne seek hers, so I'm not going to complain.

Mrs. Argent and the random 24-year old that was murdered took the brunt of it this week, but everyone else at the rave was in danger as well. That included Allison, who screwed everyone by spilling the beans to her family. I know blood is thicker than water, but wouldn't you rather share a glass of tap with Scott than see your mom's blood spill out on the floor?

On top of that, Allison also went out on a date with Matt! I know Scott told her to, but come on girl. How you gonna treat our boy Scotty that way? All I know is that when Topanga told Cory to go on a date with Lauren, it was a trap. Boy Meets World references aside, I hope you enjoyed yourself Allison!

Who didn't end up enjoying himself, even though he had the important job, was Stiles. He was mainly responsible for getting his father fired... sorry, on a leave of absence. It killed Stiles, and you could see it in the emotion on Dylan O'Brien's face. Great work.

Before it ended with the reveal of Lady Argent's bite, the vet and the guidance counselor were chatting it up about some high level intel. What do they know? And What do they have in store for everyone else?

What did you think of "Raving?" What was your favorite moment? How do you feel about Mrs. Argent's bite? How about Allison telling her fam about Jackson? What are you most excited to see happen next? Let us know in the comments!


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I hope there is going to be a season 3. With The same cast...


i found that scene where stiles, isaac and erica were rambling to get out of the room funny..


Love the relationship between Scott and Derek my favourite relationship of the series. Allison is beginning to annoy me, I would rather her become a bad ass hunter than whine and be the weak one stuck in the middle all the time. And where the hell was Lydia?


What did Gerard mean when he told Allison that "the prognosis isn't nearly as dire as it may seem" (This was the convo they had when he found her after the rave and she told him that nothing worked.)


When I hit rewind on the DVR, I noticed that the victim at the Rave, the woman, was in the yearbook. But when Stiles dad looked at the list she was not on the list. One might think, Stiles knew she was the next mark and didn't want his dad to know or be there.


Part II... Who would know 1. what really happened to Camden and 2. how to evoke his spirit to seek vengeance thru a kanima? Maybe I'm off, but this is the only theory I can think of to tie the girl at the rave, Isaac's dad and Danny into the list of intended victims. Thoughts?


I have a new theory to run by you guys. To set it up, here are the deets as best I can tell: 1. All of the murdered victims were 24 EXCEPT Isaac's father 2. All of the murdered victims were in Mr. Harris's class EXCEPT the girl killed at the rave 3. All of the murdered victims helped kill the kanima master 4. Danny and his friends were all attacked, but not killed, at a gay bar 5. The kanima master is dead in the conventional sense Here's my theory: If the kanima master isn't in human form, then he must be functioning through another person. Someone that Isaac's father and the others around his age helped to kill. Isaac's brother, Camden, would be a good guess. Maybe the others his age did something to him at a rave (maybe exposed him as a homosexual?) and his father beat him to death for it afterwards and covered it up? If someone summoned Camden's spirit to use for the kanima, that person would have to know what really happened to him & know how to evoke spirits. My question is - WHO would know both?


First of all,WTF is goin on???the writer is always keeping us on the bay!second,hahah,so happy mama argent aka crazy bitch gt bite or scratched,hopefully she died,thirdly Gerard is freakin weirdo!!i think he is a werewolf dat trying to hide by eating those pills!fourthly,the guidance counselor knows more than everyone so as the veterinarian,maybe they some sort of witch!fifth,i think stiles is the cutest nerd in the whole universe!sixth,whr THE HELL IS LYDIA???,lastly,DEREK IS SO HOT in dis episode


Sean, I appreciate the realistic consequences in this show, too. I think they keep it as real as it can for a plot based on the supernatural. I also agree that the older support characters help anchor the younger characters and I tune in for them as much as the main characters. Scott may come across as a little whiny sometimes, but I attribute that to the fact he's in a constant state of panic from trying to keep his relationship with Allison hidden, trying to protect people and (until ep 8) trying to survive as an Omega. Gonna be interesting to see how his character develops as a member of Derek's pack, if he'll agree to stay in it for a while...


Part 2 - The vet and the guidance counselor (who i think are related) are part of this organization. Idk if they are wicca or wtiches with powers but maybe some people with knowledge. I mean the argents know why can't others.

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Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Isaac: What are you some kind of witch?
Vet: No, I'm a veterinarian.

Careful gentleman, something wicked this way comes.