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After finding ecstasy at school, Cathy gives this drug a try. She and Lenny take it during a night at home, which leads to some major porch sex. Unfortunately, Paul enters the house and sees this taking place, leading to a drunken meltdown at a dinner he goes to in honor of a new promotion.

Adam, meanwhile, is at a party and gets into a fight with Andrea because he totally snubs her. After a couple boys mocked Adam for being a virgin, Andrea stepped up and said they had sex. But Adam grew ashamed and denied this ever took place. Needing to leave, he called his mom... but Cathy was too busy having sex to notice.

He therefore called Paul, but he was too drunk to drive his son home. So he let Adam take the wheel... and he promptly drove into a tree. Cathy finally got the voicemail and rushed to the hospital. While she saw to Adam, her doctor confronted Paul because he thought he left Cathy because she was sick.

Still unaware of the truth, the episode ended with Paul telling Cathy he wants a divorce.

Elsewhere, Sean introduced Marlene to a horny old man who wants to get into her pants. She seemed up for it.

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I love the show, and think Cathy is brilliant, but Paul is the worst casting possible. I have never believed that the Cathy character would marry such a repugnant (and physically repulsive) jerk. And the almost told but not quite tactic is getting a little old. Don't think they can play it much longer.


It was a good episode and quite sad at the end. I hope it gets a little brighter for Cathy in Episode 10.


This will probably be the last episode I'll be watching. What started out as good drama/comedy has now just turned into smut in my estimation. Too bad, because it has some really talented actors. Tonight's episode was just a little too dirty for my tastes and I'm certainly not a puritan by any means, but you have to draw a line somewhere, so I've drawn mine and will be watching something else at 10:30 on Mondays from now on.


i can relate