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Delk died and Pope was named Interim Chief of Police at the funeral.

Raydor concluded her investigation against Chief Johnson and Major Crimes finding no misconduct, by Pope demands she continue the investigation.

Fritz sees that Pope is squeezing on Brenda to keep his position as Chief.

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Oh, and if it's true what I read that Raydor's character will be a major player in the "Major Crimes" spin-off ... count me out!! OK, so Raydor now has fluffier, curlier hair than she did less season, but come on!!! Her character HAS to be softened WAY more to carry any weight at all in a spin-off of a series as fantastic as The Closer has been. Raydor's character has always been the spoiler, the foil ... not unlike Taylor's character, but in a much more powerful and menacing way coming from "Internal Affairs". She packs the clout, but not the soft edges it takes for us to really care about her character one little bit. If the spin-off will be Raydor constantly riding Flynn and Provenza's butts, count me out. She has to have a heart beneath all those stupidly enormous curls she's now sporting ... somewhere ... will we ever get to see it ... will we ever care? So the writer's taking glee at this wonderful final season ... so far we've seen the instantaneous death of the new Chief Delk (they're in their dress blues in the sneak peek for episode 2 and Pope is 'interim' Chief). And in that same article they're going to have 'fun' in probably offing one of Brenda's parents?!?! That's nothing but sadistic, cheap sensationalism. It's hinted that Brenda won't get to take all she loves with her ... guess that means the beautiful, caring relationship that blossomed with Fritzy will hit the skids now too ... maybe the writer will gleefully have him crawl back to a drunken stupor?! This whole thing is sounding like a train wreck ... and cruel and unusual punishment for the viewers. Poor form!!!


The sad thing for me would be if they make this final season nothing but drama and tearing Brenda (and most likely Fritzy) apart. That would tear the viewers up too! We've invested a LOT in this series emotionally and have grown to love Brenda ... to see her get torn to shreds in the final season would be too much to bear ... I'd have to stop watching the carnage at some point (sooner rather than later). One of the things I loved most about this series is that smack dab in the midst of a serious crime would be the "funnies" ... Provenza with his imitation of Brenda's "Thank you! Thank y'all very much!" ... the sometimes Keystone Cops-esque antics of Flynn and Provenza. I laughed out loud ... for the third time! ... the other day watching reruns of the episode where Pope, Flynn and Provenza had unwittingly given their gratitude, evidence and business cards to a "Detective Richard Tracy"!!! I take it this season will be missing any Alan Arkin-directed episodes ... much to my dismay and displeasure! One of the things I love most about Brenda is how scatter-brained and rattled she can be in her personal life and then she somehow pulls it together to behave masterfully on the job. To read the "Duff" article about how much glee he's had writing this final season, a season that has nothing but omininous foreboding and bleak tones all targeted at Brenda ... it's sacrilege!! I had always viewed Brenda as a very much more upscale and modern version of Jessica Fletcher's character. Well, for 6 seasons the writers and producers (among them Kyra herself) have suckered me into loving Brenda's quirky but affable, clueless but intensely wise and brilliant character ... this has been a COZY mystery of sorts throughout the years ... local setting, comedic turns (and not a huge amount of gore). I just hope the writers and producers (among them Kyra herself) don't sucker punch me now by ripping that rug out from under me! I was so looking forward to this final season ... so much so that I timed the re-watching of all six seasons (that I bought through Amazon.com's instant video option) to coincide with the debut of season 7 ... now THIS?! Disheartened, demoralized, but hopefully not ultimately disgusted with it all.


I love the closer, and the actress kyra She plays brenda so well, I hate to see it leave, it's been a good show, as there's not many anymore!

The Closer Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Pope: Look, I don't know exactly what happened that day, but obviously dropping off Terrill Baylor off in front of angry gang members was not Chief Johnson's finest hour.
Raydor: And insisting on immunity for a child killer was not yours.

Did you see their sunburns? I guess they never heard of skin cancer.