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Who is the corpse on the beach in "Blood and Sand?" And can Van Pelt handle Rigsby's new relationship or will it push her further over the edge on this week's The Mentalist?
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On The Mentalist, Jane tries to prove a man carrying a gun at a political rally is planning to commit murder; while Lisbon looks into a photographer's death in "Ring Around the Rosie."
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On The Mentalist this week, one of Patrick Jane's former clients asks for help when her son is kidnapped and Patrick clashes with her new spiritual advisor. We have a lot more to say in our review of "Pretty Red Balloon."
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On this week's The Mentalist, Jane, now reinstated as a CBI consultant, must work with a new team and solve a murder... all the while trying to reunite his former team in "Little Red Book."
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When a young violinist is shot to death, Jane and Teresa pay a visit to the northern California symphony orchestra to find her killer. Cho deals with a young pickpocket.
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I trust Jane and he hasn't let me down so far.


Your way more slick than the trolls that usually bust my butt.