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Teresa and Danielle’s argument at the country club escalates into a full-blown brawl.

Women run screaming all throughout the halls as dishes crash around them. It is true mayhem.

Jacqueline tries to help calm things down but this does not work. Her daughter Ashley roughly pulls Danielle’s hair and this makes Danielle even more upset. The cops arrive and take statements.

Danielle is insistent that arrests be made, especially of Ashley, but this does not happen. Later all the women rehash the events of the evening with other people, each making their own case heard. 

Danielle states her intention to file assault charges against Ashley. Ashley’s parents warn her to stay away from Danielle forevermore.

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I cannot stand Danielle...I think she is a seriously damaged drama queen and found the perfect venue to be the bitch that she is. I am team Teresa as well. I do feel bad that Danielle's kids need to see her desperately seeking so much attention.


I think Danielle has it coming. Karma's a bitch and she's downright crazy! There is something seriously wrong with her! I'm team Teresa all the way! Get her!