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- George told Margaret and Nora about Ricky and Amy living together.

- Bunny is filling in as Leo's assistant.

- Ben is increasingly agitated and doesn't want to be with Adrian anymore.

- Grace cheated on Grant with a guy named Daniel from her medical trip.

- Leo begs Camille to come back and she says no, but she kisses him.

- Grant and Grace break up.

- Amy and Ricky have their parents over for dinner.

- Ashley and Toby are already in Florida.

- Ben tries to break up with Adrian, but she seduces him to stay.

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This is the epsiode that did me in for this series. Grace is one of the best looking women on TV and to have her with a Nigger in this epsiode is rediculous!!! I'm sure her new father in law is gonna come home with a baboon too. This show is also getting way to edgy with this Pro-Gay propaghanda! To have two faggots kissing in this epsiode. Fuck Brendavision! I quit. You should to!!!

The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Margaret: And you know you're right, Amy does look like you.
Nora: I know! Isn't it sick?

Look John, Grandma's here. Why is Grandma here so early? I don't know!