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Rating: 3.2 / 5.0 (31 Votes)
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- Ethan almost scares about the people who want to adopt Kathy's baby.

- Ben gets busted for sleeping with Alice.

- A pimp hits on Adrian at the bookstore.

- Jack accidentally gets caught in a prostitution scandal at the college.

- Leo teaches Ben that he needs to respect the women in his life. 

- Ricky and Amy fight but make up.

- Tom gets caught with a dirty book. 

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I want the show to end with ben together with amy again...because they belong together......the show should teach that 'no matter how far apart u move away from each other, at the end u will find a way to get back together


I Love This Show The Secret Life of A Teenager it is very interesting!! Now That Jack Has Gotten Hurt I Hope He Doesn't Die!! I Hated The Way It Ended!! Not Knowing About Jack isn't Far!!


Amy and ricky should stay together for the duration of the show. And dont turn amy into a mean girl just doesnt suit her. For grace pleez give her a love interest that captivates her enuf to not be so fickle. Adrian needs a new love interest. Ashley and jack she ll keep him on his toes and he wil teach her how to be adored. The jack grace thing gettin very borin