The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Big Pimpin

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While I applaud The Secret Life of the American Teenager for finally tackling a new topic on "Property Not for Sale," the episode featured a couple of ridiculous moments.

For instance, would a pimp that dangerous be openly hitting on Adrian at the bookstore? And how did he just waltz into Jack's dorm room? I would imagine the whole operation would be on the down low. Also, isn't there any security at the dorms? What kind of college just has hookers roaming the halls and soliciting johns?

Not to mention the kid with the camera, just happening to be standing there when the police busted the door open. C'mon guys. Stop treating your audience like they're stupid.

Jack & Grace Kiss

The whole storyline was scary and obviously reflecting a very real and sad problem. This wasn't like "oh Betty used to be a prostitute, we can kinda laugh about it." I was actually scared for Adrian and would've gotten a creepy vibe as well. She did the right thing by leaving the situation immediately.

Instead of the usual "teen sex" PSA the show airs, there should've been something about campus safety and getting involved with people you don't know. For example, the hooker in Jack's room showed people that you don't just meet a stranger that you've only spoken to online. Haven't any of these people heard of the Craigslist Killer? It's like our generation's version of strangers in vans who offer little kids candy! Two words: Stranger Danger.

I wish Amy hadn't of been all over Ricky and yelling at him the second he walked in. Ricky has been a saint these past two seasons and nothing short of a model husband. He did the right thing by walking Clementine home and it was very gentleman-like of him to insist. Amy should be proud to be married to such an upstanding guy.

The one slightly humorous bit in the whole scandal was when Leo saw the paper and muttered:

Please tell me Ben is not involved in this somehow. | permalink

Ben is such a hot mess, he can't even remember the lesson he learned two minutes earlier. Girls are not property and you should respect someone you are dating. Then again, if Dylan doesn't respect herself, what can we really expect from Ben? She just found out Ben slept with Alice while they were dating and said she'd still go out with him if she was allowed? I can't with this girl! I just can't.

What did you guys think of this week's Secret Life? Were you happy for a change of subject? Did you catch the random and not so subtle reference to the face that "50 Shades of Gray" is a dirty little book and shouldn't be read by teenagers? Oh, I'm sorry I mean "50 Spices". Real clever.


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This show has really low respect for teen intelligence, it is quite insulting. I agree with what the person said about Amy being immature I mean come on thinking she'll wake up gay one morning is ridiculous, because of her mum I mean do writers really think that teens are that stupid? Also Amy has no right not to trust Ricky, he has been nothing but good to her. But I think it's more to do with the fact she is intimidated by Clementine.


Ben.He is so weird! in seasons 4 and 5 just the way he talks is so weird and ho he thinks he knows everything. I just want to reach into the t.v and punch him! But jack is like the hottest person ever and same with ricky. i wish i was grace. she is drop dead gorgeous! so ya buh bye


I feel bad for grace's low low self esteem . She clearly desperately needs to be loved and has to use sex and religion as her cover ( daddy issues) I'm so over her flip flopping u clearly can't get it out of ur mind and it's all u talk about how do u expect him (jack) not to think about it . Yet u gave it so freely to others and someone who u shared"love" with u don't . She's beyond immature . It's not like Amy dad can offer any help ... I feel like I have to watch bc I wanna see so many things change for them and I'm stilllllll. Waittttinnnnnnng lol bc trust me I most def should be in the room to helping These writers brainstorm lol


It's pretty ridiculous I think how despite all of what she has had to deal with she's still a bratty kid the more I watch the more I really can't stand her (Amy) she was a liar at the start (Ben) then rude beyond hormones ,then and now beyond disrespectful towards her family and friends ( I can't stand her whole attitude if it was reality she would have pushed ppl to far for repair ) I could understand Ricky thinking he's in love and willing to be a MAN rather than a boy and deal with her childish was for the sake of of John but I really doubt his happiness and hope to really see it bc his story line deserves a happy ending and not a fake fairy tail one that tv is making Amy to provide. Reality is two strangers who are children make a baby hard to believe are sole-mates . I feel like shes so backwards. Thinks shes gay bc her mom is , pushes to get married then doesnt belive in it bc of her family divorce, insecure so then wants to tie him down yet again, my list can go on and on lol bottom line u don't always have a "Ricky" to save u So please dump the brat and continue being an excellent young man . I really hope him and clementine have a shot she seems to be definitely more on his level and u see the spark that is clearly missing from amy .


Stupid episode. Amy is just plain crazy. Her response to Ricky wanting to study overnight made me so angry. She is very childish and lacks maturity.
Jack is also an idiot. The young girl he's dating is not the girl for him. He's ready to be in a serious relationship and she is not. He needs to find someone who can meet his expectations. Also if someone comes into your dormroom dont just let them walkin, meet them at the door. I also have no sympathy for the women who get themselves caught up into those situations so please dont try to make me feel sorry for them. Ben is really going around in circles and unfortunately he has no guidance. His father is a horrible excuse for a parent. While watching the episode you get the feeling as though he's looking for an excuse to scream at his son. I was also upset with his argument about how Ben took advantage of his friend by having sex with her. The girl needs to accept some of the responsabilty. This is not 1730. Instead of telling Ben to apologize he needs to apologize for being a sorry excuse for a father and a fat a**!!


Quite a silly episode, and i would love Ricky's insecurities to come out this time with another guy (and NOT BEN !) being interested in Amy for once, maybe an attractive college guy..something new !

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The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Ricky: Amy you're just gonna have to trust me.
Amy: I don't have to do anything.

It's not like I have anything to do because college is so much easier than high school.

Ricky [sarcastically]