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Stefan and Elena go on a double date withMatt and Caroline. Things are a tad uncomfortable since Elena and Matt used to date.

There are like a ton of vampires hanging out in a house in the woods under the leadership of Pearl and her daughter Anna.

Their newest recruit, Harper, is content to sit around and follow orders but the grumpy Frederick and his girl Bethanne.

Despite Pearl's orders to lay low, Frederick and Bethanne show up at the grill, where the double date is going on, and Damon can also be found getting hammered with Matt's mom Kelly and Aunt Jenna.

Frederick runs into Elena near the bathroom and calls her Katherine. She warns Stefan and they wisely decide to move the double date to his house.

There, Stefan and Matt bond over his classic car, which Matt gets running again.

Things are actually going well for both couples until they walk in on Damon and Matt’s mom about to do the nasty.

After everyone has left Stefan and Damon are about to chat when Frederick and Bethanne come looking for them - and to kill them for what they believe was their fault, being imprisoned for 145 years in the tomb.

Bethanne and killed but the Salvatores stave off Frederick, who bolts when he realizes he can't take both of them.

Meanwhile, Elena’s little brother Jeremy is still fascinated with vampire lore and when he learns Anna is back in town, decides to pull a bold move, cutting his hand and seeing how she reacts. She reacts like ... well, like a vampire.

Later that night she shows back up in his bedroom to scold him for tempting her.

She asks him to keep quiet about her secret. He wants something different: To be turned.

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David and sabrina 2014

This episode had even more mysterious twists and turns from start and finish. It seemed nice to have Stefan and Elena go double dating with Matt and Caroline but somehow Matt is still not over about the times he went out on dates with Elena. The tomb vampires prepare for more revenge and the ending went strangely shocking. No matter how much shocking action there is, this show is still my top favorite. =) =O

Sandals are not shoes

No more quotes?! What about Stefan dating a playmate. Damon about something going "kaboom" (don't remember what)? Jenna laughing at a vampire... I think there's more but I don't remember


OmG!!!!! The ending for ep. 16 was AMAZING!!!!!!! loved it!!!!!! I've always liked Jeremy and Anna together. EEEEK!!!


Go Team Damon :*




it looks like someone was trying to poke damon's eyes out..


Damon must be one strong stud, because this is a different way of sex against the wall..ain't it the other way around usually!!


OMG! I can't wait. Amazing picture and the spoiler clips...aaarrrggghhhh Sooooooo excited!! Episode 15 was really good! I'm so glad they got OC's Melinda Clarke, she steams the sries up abit!! oooohhhh can't wait....(=

The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Vervain ... making it hard to find something to eat in this town.


I feel like I've been here before. That's... weird.