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Frederick made his presence very much felt this week. With Pearl heading into Mystic Falls for the day, he ignored her statement that the vampires weren't there for revenge.

Helping to start a mutiny of sorts, Frederick and a couple friends attacked Stefan in the woods. Our favorite blood sucker was out looking for animal blood and especially weak, so he couldn't put up much of a fight. Once they had Stefan in their clutches, Frederick and company took him back to the house and tortured him. Frederick wants vengeance against the Salvatores for the fact that Katherine's obsession with them led to their 145 years in the tomb.

Once Damon discovers Stefan has been kidnapped, he enlists Alaric to help because he hasn't been invited into the home where the vampires are residing. Alaric has some cool toys to assist with the mission, such as vervain-filled darts. Off he and Damon go to the house - and Elena, too, of course. They couldn't talk her out of it.

As Alaric and Damon do battle with these evil creatures, Elena abandons the car and finds Stefan locked in the basement. He's there with Harper, who tried to fight back against Frederick. Elena frees Stefan. She carries him back to the car... but he's REALLY weak. When Frederick attacks again, and drives a stake through Stefan, he hits the ground. Elena is able to stab Frederick right back, but Stefan is not doing well.

How does Elena save her man? By offering him her blood. Stefan drinks it down - and feels the scary effects! He springs to life, and totally goes off on Frederick, who was starting to recover from Elena's weak stabbing. Stefan is taken to an entirely new place by this taste of human blood, killing Frederick, but also scaring Elena.

When Pearl finally arrives home, she finds some dead vampires and a pissed off Damon. She says this isn't her plan.

Back at the Salvatore household, here's how the episode ends: with Damon walking in on his brother, who's developed a major eating disorder: he's just down bags of human blood and has a crazed look on his face.

In other storyline developments:

- Pearl has dinner with Mayor Lockwood. She tries to learn as much as she can about him and Mystic Falls.

- Forced off the main road by a storm, Caroline comes across Vicki's dead body. This discovery has a major impact on Matt, who takes the new hard; and on Jeremy, who basically admits to Anna that he wanted to be turned because he thought Vicki was a vampire and wanted to join her. That revelation upsets Anna.

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David and sabrina 2014

I thought that this episode was shocking and wrong at the same time. The tomb vampires torture Stefan and I insist that all the bad vampires should die and get lost. Luckilly, Damon wanted to save him including Elena but seemed a little weird to have Alaric join in too cause when he's around, Damon's not much of a good person around him. What really was shocking is having human blood take a wrong turn and make things go strangely out of bounds. It may have felt wrong seeing these events but luckilly, there's always a solution to find,even when there's some hard things to solve. ;)


What a great episode, totally awesome!!!!!


love this show
i totally love it
love damon and elena


I bet well i hope elena will be turned away from stefan with his drinkin prob and wat not. and i hope she will turn 2 damon and he will comfort her and it will be amazin gif tht happens bcuz they jst r soo good together! but idk wats gonna happen bcuz elena cant jst dump stefan 4 damon and she cnt not b wit damon. I hpe stefan will go wit katherine. in the book he was so much better wit katherine. if "delena" doesnt happen im going 2 b mad and happy cuz they go good 2gether and if they dnt imma b mad but then im happy cuz I can have damon!




This episode was so amazing! As the series goes on, each episode truly outdoes its predecessor. The scene in the rain between Damon and Elena was purely amazing. Really don't want Bonnie to come back though. I can't stand her.


I LOVE DIS SHOW. I really wonder how the new drinkn problem dat stefan has is gonna impact him and elenas relationship and will they still hang out alot and be able to kiss each other and be together or will he find some solution like tryn to stop or would that nt work.I also see how he kinda likes elana and doesnt want anything to happen to hr even though he made dat comment dat hes nt human and he doesnt care about things.I also think dat anna wanted to hear dat jeremy wanted to be a vampire to be wit her instead of wit vicky, she thought they had somethg special bt he burst dat bubble bt i knw he'll find a way to make it better and after all dis time i cnt believe dat damon still has a lil interest in gettn katharine bac. I knw its probaly hard to get ovr someone dat u loved and lost and spend most of all ur time planning to get hr bac bt life is hard and so is luv and dats jus da way it is and i wonder where all the othr vampires like katharine and elanas birth mother are at and how are there living conditions and y doesnt elanas mothr wnna see her and how does katharine look now and is it like identical to elana bt like i said im very interested in the luv connection dat elana and stefan had and i really just wnna knw how dats gnna be for dem now and i havent heard anythg about tyler turning into a werewolf or anythg and im sayn dis to anybody who took out da time to read dis. SORRY I WROTE SO MUCH.


i haven't read the book but i knew that tyler would be a wolf..it's because of ep.10 that viewed tyler with the full moon as the background..can't wait for thurday..


I absolutely love Damon. He is my favorite character. I hope he and Elena come closer! As for Caroline i have no idea. They changed the series so much but i love it. I like caroline better in the tv show and i like her better with matt. I dont think she will find out tylers a werewolf because she...well she cant. I bet a vamp or jeremy will find out tylers secret. and what is up with Jeremy?? He wants to be turned. He should of told Anna that he likes her not that other crap about vamps and vicki. Anyways sorry i wrote a lot. I just love the series! Its my favorite. It is way better than twilight. More people need to know about this show!! Did i mention i LOVE damon?


It'd be cool if Caroline found out that Tyler was a werewolf, but I don't think that's going to happen because it says the discovery "shocks everyone in town." My guess is that that means she tells everyone, which would probably not be the best idea because it might expose the vampires as well and/or Bonnie. But I can't wait for Thursday!

The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Dracula was a complete wuss. Never showered. Very smelly.


How long are you gonna blame me for turning your birth mother into a vampire?


The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 17 Music

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