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Stefan and Damon are furious when they discover that Elena has defied them both to make a new ally and take control of the plan to out-maneuver Klaus.

Elijah. He tells Elena the story of how Klaus met Katherine. We also learn:

  • Elijah is Klaus' brother.
  • The sun and the moon curse is BS.
  • The actual curse applies only to Klaus. His mother had an affair and Klaus came from a different bloodline. A werewolf bloodline.
  • The witches put curse on Klaus (and only him) to keep his werewolf half dormant. That's what he wants to break.
  • Klaus is immune to the dagger covered in white ash, so the only way to kill him is for a witch to do it during the Sacrifice.
  • Elijah found a way to perform the Sacrifice without killing the doppelganger, so at least Elena's safe.

Meanwhile, in the present:

Jenna finally finds out the truth about vampires.

The war between Stefan and Damon is in full force. The argue over whether Elena should trust Elijah, Stefan accuses Damon of being in love with Elena, Damon storms off and nearly kills Andie in a fit of rage.

The real Klaus shows up in Mystic Falls after his entourage un-possesses Alaric. Greta arrives and she seems very happy to be with Klaus.

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O.M.G. Klaus is too damn sexy, ill have his hybrid kids anyday, when i seen him i was like WOW, so im on Team Klaus, hope he'll be in season 3. The last ep's of season 2 are just amazing they get more shocking and darker, so can't wait for season 3 WOOO HOOO. Im really hoping and praying Elijah will pull through for elena and protect her from Klaus, i like him when hes being good. Oooh i wonder if Klaus is still in love with Kathrine? I would have loved when Kat was captured to have the actual Klaus there instead of using Alaric, he gives me chills in a good way. Last two eps on S2 i cant wait, whos gona survive or die, its very scary. 8-Z


Maaaaan I never thought Klaus would be that hot!!!!!


I think that Elijah is up to something...maybe he needs to break the curse and not Klaus. Everything is falling into place and somehow I feel that Damon's instincts about trusting Elijah is on point.


I can't believe that the curse is totally fake! omg btw the song is called "get some" by Lykke Li.


Can someone please tell me what song was playing in Alark's apartment that Katherine danced to?


Bt wot about the powerful witch of Klaus..Ashutosh..?? what do you think will he just fold his hands and see what ever happens to klaus..I think your idea is great,, but seems it cannot be done..

David and sabrina 2014

This episode will to never be the same for Mystic Falls. The story back deep into the past of Klaus and Katherine seem to go shocking to keep Elena and her friends safe. I think that Klaus should be put to an end and Katherine if she's not trustworthy. I hope the Salvatore brothers will get to be able to put an end to all the evil vampires in town with also help of their friends. I'm just getting even more hungry for this show to find out. =O =)


And what if that dosen't work then what. I mean it's epic but there is always a good chance for it not to work u no


Here's my sensible way to kill Klaus, 1.Pull dagger from Elijah's heart, but keep him locked in that room with a spell by Bonnie. 2.Lure Maddox-witch-dude away from Klaus, and finish him off with the help of Bonnie(this shouldn't be an impossible task). 2.When Klaus appears, make Bonnie pin him down for a few seconds (she should be able to do that), and then shove the dagger into Klaus' heart (a human has to do it of course). 3.Once Klaus is dead, drag him to Salvatore house, take him to the place where Elijah is trapped, pull the dagger back from his heart, and just as he's reviving, push him into that magically locked room. 4.Grab some popcorn and watch Elijah and Klaus fight to death (the fight of two Originals should be epic). 5.After one kills the other (say Klaus wins), make Bonnie keep the winner pinned down, while Elena stabs him again to finish him off. 6.Throw a Mystic Falls party and wait for next super-villain to appear.

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

That is too sad for me to accept, my lord. Life is too cruel... if we cease to believe in love, why would we want to live?

Katherine (to Elijah)

Damon: You should be thankful she’s here. She’s keeping me from going for what I really want.
Stefan: You’re right. Thank you for being in love with my girlfriend.