The Vampire Diaries

Thursdays 8:00 PM on The CW
The vampire diaries
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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere focuses on Elena's transition to vampire-hood.

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omg i love vampire diaries!i cant believe Elena is a vampire... yes i can, it had to have happened sooner or later.everyone is team Stefan!!!! hes ok but poor damon his whole life he was the second chose by his father and kat, and now elena!!!! i love damon all the way and rose is right about delana!aka Elena and damon. cant wait till season 4 OCT 11!


i love vampire diaries this is the best show ever i think in season four damon might think its that nurses fault and try to kill her or he might think ist matts fault and try then i think jeremy should get really mad and try to kill rebecka then him and rebecka end up together and i evan think jeremy is going to have a bigger part in this season hopfully between him and bonnie they are both my fac characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! so excited!! I have just cried my heart out. I keep feelling if it was me and my familiy in that situation, i would totally die! I can't find out when the next episode is coming, if it's now or in october? And what about Alaric? Is he going to live again or not?! And then there's Tylor, caroline, claus and Bonnie!! Super excited...CAN'T WAIT!!!


OMG i am so freakin' addicted to this show LOVE ALLLLLLL OF IT. Though i did cry my eyes out POOR DAMON!!! well season 4 is going to be so epic i can't wait to see what happens when she remebers everything, and i hear there is a new romance coming up for one of the salvatore brothrs? hmm.. so excited. KEEP ON BEING AMAZING VAMPIRE DIARIES!


UU i Love The Vampire Diaries he is so great tv elena become a Vampire i hoped elena and stefan foreber and no damon!! Stefan is better for elena she is so sweet paar!! I love Nina Paul!! :) (GÄNSEHAUT)


omg i can not belive the last ep. it was so good. like i mean it was perfect in eversingle way. damon and elena met firstt uhhh thyat was so cute. i lioved it so much. and the now elensa a vamp. uhhh so exciting


waiting!!!!sorry!i love it!!


am waoiting for long time the season 4 ...i love itttttttttttttt!


I love Stefan! But she met Damon first I guess! Dude Elena1 is going to be so emotional because all her scenes are going to be high-tend! And what about Bonnie?!


i know elena is going to be a vampire stefan will teach her to drink animal blood and he will not let her die i am soo happy she chose stefan good chocie and we all new she was gonna chose stefan i cant wait till oct 11 yahhhh always team stefan!!!!

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Where ever you go, Salvatore Brothers seem to follow.

Pastor Young

We all know the way. You feed or you die, there is no door #3.