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On this week's The Walking Dead…

Lori manages to escape the zombies and the car crash unharmed. Shane goes after her and is able to return her safely to the farm.

Shane accidentally reveals to everyone that Lori is pregnant.

Lori tells Shane that she told Rick about their hookup. He still believes that they are meant to be together and that Rick shouldn't be the one with her or in charge.

Meanwhile, Tony and Dave's friends arrive in town looking for them. Rick, Glenn, and Hershel get into a gun fight with them which draws the attention of the walkers.

One of the men is eaten and the other, Randall, accidentally impales his leg on a fence spike trying to escape.

With walkers closing in fast, Rick quickly pulls his leg off the spike and the group drives back to the farm, blindfolding Randall in the process.

Lori tells Rick about Shane's instability, his strong convictions against Rick and his love for Lori.

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This next episode is going to be intense. I love how all the characters are will played. To me this show is amazing i wish i could play a roll on this show that would be a dream come true lol. But i really curious if the infection has gone air born its a question im sure alot of people are wondering about. I belive its time for them to try to some how find a way to get off the farm. The show hasnt had many zombies but they are trying to figure out what to do as a group, on the other hand they cant be in danger all the time lori is pregnant. Im excited to see what happens in these next few episode how the characters you know start to take things and decisions they have to make to survive. The show is amazing 5 stars :).