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Picking up right where last week's episode concluded, here's what went down on True Blood...

- Hoyt admitted to Jessica that he "hated" Summer. Let's see these two get back together!

- Tommy challenged Sam's toughness and the latter responded by beating the crap out of Crystal's father. Lafayette and Jesus - who are doing VERY well - drove him to the hospital.

- Crystal got mad at Jason because he told Andy to raid Hot Shot. He still isn't getting the hint that Crystal and her kind are clearly not human, as she says they can't just raid the town because there are some good people (or were-panthers?) there.

- Franklin returned and was about to kill Tara, until Jason shot him with a wooden bullet.

- Bill was somehow taken to the land of the light, where Sookie visited a couple weeks ago. He bonded with Claudine a bit and supposedly learned what Sookie is. But the camera cut away as he was about to tell her. Elsewhere, Sookie met Hadley's son and learned he can also read minds. But Hadley grabbed him and ran away with him before Sookie could discover more.

- The Authority agreed to let the Russell/Magister situation pass, as long as Eric sought revenge on its behalf and killed Russell. But, for political purposes, he'd have to do it quietly and off the books.

- This will be extra difficult based on the way the episode concluded: Angry over Talbot's death and the Vampire League's association with Eric, Russell went on TV, killed a news anchor and threatened mankind over how bad an idea it would be to pass the Vampire Rights Amendment.

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Sookie's Cousin, Hadley, who was/is the Queen's Companion has a son who Sookie discovered has her 'Gift' too. Hadley's son would be a second cousin to Sookie as Hadley is her first cousin. The fact that the 'Gift' skips generations is interesting. I hate to see Russell die, but I know he has to. Eric has his work cut out for him as he is 2,000 years younger than Russell. If you remember your vampire lore, the older they are the more powerful they are, so the 2,000-year age difference is HUGE! I also LOVED Eric & Pam last night. Eric may be a true vampire (gorgeous Norseman that he is), but he is also compassionate in an endearing way. Kudos to Alex Skarsgard on his performance when talking to the AVL and The Authority last night! Three episodes left...OMG! It will be a long, LONG winter and spring until the next True Blood Installments! Hope we don't suffer from withdrawal!!!


I miss Alcide! I didn't see the new episode yet, it's downloading. I'd love to see more Hadley and this secret that runs in the Stackhouse Family, but with a little more action would be nice. Sookie and Bill are in a strange place, I'm not liking Bill very much and I belive that a break up will be very much welcomed. Jessica and Pam are always nice to see. I don't know what to say, I just can't believe that we only had three more episodes to see :( I'm gonna cry blood! (ok, bad joke, sorry folks)


I don't want Jason and Tara together because she is eventually going to find out that he killed Eggs. I would however love to see Sam and Tara together. The Crystal storyine is being dragged out too long and Jason is so stupid it's becoming annoying. As is the "what is Sookie" storyline. So, anybody missing Alcide?


I wish show like this didnt have to run from season to season. I hate to see the season end!!!!:(

Jacki whitford

OMG! Russell went from being a egomaniac to being one taco short of a platter! Talbot was clearly his calming influence and now Talbot is just goo in a crystal urn. I had the same look on my face that Nan did during the Russell news broadcast and when Russell said "And now the weather. Tiffany!" I died laughing. I had to replay that newscast five times to make sure I got every word, every nuance. It was magnificent. Eric and Pam had great scenes, and Eric especially was honest and unapologetic to the AVL for his actions. I hope the writers give Russell a great send off. Dennis O'Hare has been fantaaaastic. And Bill's nose should have grown a foot with the lies he told Sookie. Like Claudine said, he does not love Sookie he loves her light. He tried to bite Claudine, so clearly there is something addictive in that group of beings that is seductive to vampires. Bill got there because he drained Sookie dry and put her in a coma. Sam going to the dark side was not surprising. During his lost years after his foster parents dumped him, no telling what he had to endure to survive. I will miss psycho Franklin, but it was time for him to go. I bet Holly will be casting her special kind of help during her stay. Lafayette has explored various religions and sacred rituals. I think that probably opens him up to whatever Jesus is in which is probably very powerful - unless the two of them do something stupid like dip into meth or V. I am so sorry that there are only three episodes left in Season 3 and we will have to wait until Summer 2011 to see whether AB follows Book 4 in the series (which means more Eric, less Bill.)

True Blood Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

I don't know how you did things in the 1800s, but keeping a file on the woman you love is... creepy.


Just once I'd like to not find a dead body in my house. Is that asking too much?


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How to become clairvoyant How to Become Clairvoyant Robbie Robertson iTunes
Song Tricked Out Disposable Youth
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