Reign Photos from "Toy Soldiers"

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We have photos for you from Reign Season 1 Episode 19.

Get a look ahead at this fun CW drama now.

1. Mary Contemplates

Mary Contemplates
Mary Queen of Scots stands outside contemplating her future in "Toy Soldiers."

2. Giddy in the Snow

Giddy in the Snow
Mary is simply giddy with pleasure in the falling snow in this photo from "Toy Soldiers."

3. Warm Ladies and their Queen

Warm Ladies and their Queen
Kenna, Queen Mary and Greer are wrapped up in the snow in "Toy Soldiers."

4. Crazy for Snow

Crazy for Snow
Mary is either crazy for the snow or running to greet someone in it in this photo from "Toy Soldiers."

5. Mary's Ladies are Waiting

Mary's Ladies are Waiting
Lola, Kenna and Greer are out in the snow with Mary in "Toy Soldiers."

6. The Ladies Looks of Concern

The Ladies Looks of Concern
Do Lola, Kenna and Greer look concerned as Mary runs in the snow in this photo from "Toy Soldiers"?

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Reign Quotes

You will be hanged for what you did for me. You will suffer and die and I will live! In a hundred years, as Queen I will be remembered and your name will be forgotten. I'll see that you are erased from history and may God have mercy on your soul.


I am Scottish. This country is in my blood as I know it is yours.