Gossip Girl is finally revealed in this clip from the series finale. It's Dan! Would you have ever guessed?
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The funeral montage at the end of the January 15, 2013 episode of NCIS, with Vance and Co. in DC and Ziva in Israel.
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The Once Upon a Time Season 4 finale is upon us! Check out the official ABC promo now.
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Why is there so much nudity on Game of Thrones? It's all due to a 13-year old on set, explains Saturday Night Live in this amazing skit.
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We're with Jackson, Hayley and their werewolf family in this clip from The Originals episode "Moon Over Bourbon Street."
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Kai and Bonnie fans, take heart! The Vampire Diaries' Chris Wood thinks there was some definite sexual tension between the two!
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We caught up with cast members from The Night Shift at the NBC Upfronts in New York City. They tease their season finale in this video.
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Lynn is in trouble in the DIG Season 1 Finale. Watch her fight back!
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