Can't get enough Caroline Forbes? The wait is almost over!! Watch Candice King preview Caroline's role on The Vampire Diaries Season 7 now!!
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Days of Our Lives is about to celebrate a milestone. And we talked to a couple of key stars about what we can expect from the show's 50th anniversary.
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For those of you who care about this sort of thing, Damon and Elena have sex in this Vampire Diaries clip. Slow motion style!
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Emma meets a new foe in this clip from the Once Upon a Time Season 5 premiere. Or might she be a reluctant friend?
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If you haven't heard, The Leftovers Season 2 is getting a bit of a reboot. Take a look at the new opening credits for an early idea of what to expect!
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Showtime has released a clip of the Ray Donovan Season 3 finale, and it's a little bit unexpected. There's trouble brewing for Mickey. Find out what it is!
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Once Upon a Time Season 5 is nearly upon us. Check out a new promo and get a look at King Arthur now!
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There's a new guy in the Quarter on The Originals Season 3! Jason Dohring introduces Detective Will Kinney in our exclusive set interview!
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