Beckett's “exhilarated and frightened and everything in between” while Rick may need to step up his game. Check out the new promo for Castle Season 8...
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Shippers love their couples and Carenzo has garnered quite a bit of support! Check out what Candice King has to say about CAroline and Enzo!
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Why would Ghosts haunt an Underwater Base? The Doctor and Clara are about to find out on Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 3. Watch the official teaser here.
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Arrested Development characters are masters at the Chicken Dance. Sort of. Watch them give it a shot here.
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It's finally here! Check out the first official promo for Grey's Anatomy Season 12... NOW!
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Where will the Mikaelsons find themselves when The Originals Season 3 premieres? The trailer--just released -- will answer that question!
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In order to rebuild Hydra, Ward will use some interesting tactics to weed out the weak. Here's a clip from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 2.
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