Bonnie converses with Jeremy in this scene from The Vampire Diaries Season 5 premiere. No one else can see or hear her.
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Blake Lively addresses Internet rumors about herself on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Girl can dance, too!
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Barney explains the Cheerleader Effect using a collection of women at the bar. One of which looks strikingly a lot like Marshall. Oh and Barney finds out he might be a father.
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It's the man, the myth, the legend. We spoke to Timothy Olyphant about the end of Justified.
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Brittany Snow previews tonight's premiere of the Gossip Girl spinoff as Lily Rhodes for the CW.
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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 10 is titled "Christmas Through Your Eyes." Check out the official CW teaser now.
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The CW has released a look ahead at the remainder of Arrow Season 3.
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Betrayal will air Sunday nights on ABC. Check out the extended trailer for this new drama now.
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