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Damon confronts Jeremy in this scene from The Vampire Diaries' first season finale. He's trying to mend Jeremy's relationship with Elena. Isn't that sweet?

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it is intresting


those guys are great men i like Damon's sturbonness he used to anoy stephanie but i like his actions


jermey is such an asshole and damon such a sweetie and hes hot


we love you stethan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxso mutch yhrxxxxxxxxlove sarah and ebony and katelanxxxx


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How adorable that he protects elena! That kiss was so intense but too bad it was katherine and not elena;(


I just love stefan


Anna and jeremy will die catherine will come back and pose as Elana. DAMON ROX. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


What if Jeremy gonna die? Oo >< NOBODY should die. :D


Dude Damon is a DICK, He cant just go killing evey man he sees and then RAPES every girl!!!!!! He is such a BASTERD! AND A DICK!

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