The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Founder's Day"

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The Vampire Diaries didn't just conclude its first season last night.

It concluded its first season in suspenseful, stunning fashion.

Read our detailed review of "Founder's Day" now and then sound off on the topics below. Our staff has a great deal to say about this episode, one that will keep us buzzing all summer long...

Did you see Katherine's return coming?
M.L. House: I was so in the dark about it that when my wife complained that Elena's kissing of Damon, immediately after expressing her love for Stefan, was "out of character," I told her to hush up and go with it. I learned my lesson: never doubt your wife, and never doubt the show's ability to surprise.

LJ Gibbs: Not at all. The show had the advantage of Katherine also being played by Nina Dobrev, but it was still masterfully kept under wraps. With everything else that just transpired, I wasn't even thinking about Katherine, making me as surprised as John (although fortunately not as impaled). Only a second viewing of the closing segment revealed minor, subtle character differences between Katherine and Elena.

The Barnacle: Did I see it coming? Gosh no. But did I have an inkling it was Katherine as soon as she glanced at Damon's ring? Yes.

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Do you like the new Bonnie?
M.L. House: I don't like her... I love her! Loyal TV Fanatic readers will know that I bagged on how slowly-paced her storyline was at the outset of the series. I wanted to see movement on the witch front, and we've certainly gotten it. At some point, Elena will have to choose between Bonnie and Stefan, a decision I can't wait to see unravel.

LJ Gibbs: Absolutely. Her clever deception in leaving the device functional, her compassion in helping Stefan save Damon, and her boldness in threatening to lay the supernatural smackdown on them if they cross her again were all tremendous developments for a character who seemed boring for so long. Plus, her hairstyle's hotter now!

The Barnacle: She's a bit of a drama queen. Yes, vampires contributes to your grandmother's death and once tried to kill you. You're a witch! Get used to it and don't take it so personally.

Will Caroline survive?
M.L. House: Yes. Not everyone on the series can be some sort of creature or have some kind of evil intention. We need the Matts and Carolines of Mystic Falls to ground the show in human reality a bit.

LJ Gibbs: I hope so. You'd think the writers would have killed her off last night had that been the intention. I feel like, as with Bonnie, Caroline is destined to have a greater purpose on the show at a later point, it's just a question of what.

The Barnacle: No. The show is likely to feature Tyler's transformation into a werewolf next season and it will add gravity to the storyline if he killed his best friend's girl.

Will Jeremy successfully turn?
M.L. House: Into a vampire? No. Into an interesting character? Yes, he already has.

LJ Gibbs: No. Those pill overdose suicide attempts rarely work. The EMTs always find you and pump your stomach in time - trust me. He'll probably throw up the vampire blood in the process, too! Not very well thought out, Jeremy.

The Barnacle: I doubt it. A key aspect of the series of Elena fighting to protect her loved ones. That will be difficult if yet another one of them ends up as a vampire.

What will you do on Thursday nights this summer?
M.L. House: Hello?!? There are Vampire Diaries reruns on AND the addition of Moonlight to the CW schedule. I'll be on my couch like usual, cloves of garlic in hand.

LJ Gibbs: Creep around the woods pretending I'm a vampire, preying on susceptible animals. That, or sleep more.

The Barnacle: Use the Founder's Day costumes as inspiration for my fashion collection: Bloody Beautiful, by The Barnacle.

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1 i really miss vd and i want it 2 cum back so yeah that is sad 2i really like stefan but i hates wen he was drinking bludd and stuff so yeah 3 damon omg the hottest fuking thing on the planetttytttt 4 i relly like how u've set it i mean its not like other shows where u can guess wats gonna happn next 5 why can't it start earlier ib love the show and i don't think it is wise 2 make elana and damon u know like together liolo




I think I would like to see Jeremy turn as a vampire so that we can see other cold side of him that has never really been revealed to us before it will spice up his character traits.


This episode was amzing! This is what a season finale should beeeee. Bonnie is the best charcter!!! She is so strong. I would love to see her take down the vamps. So cool.


I thought at the very start that it was Katherine, you know the scenes where she is getting dressed and when she steps out on the green and Damon and Stefan double take. I had gotten this crazy idea that she might turn up to see the town unravel. But at the end wearing Elena's all series leather jacket, i was completely oblvious to anything Katherine did. Especially how long she lingered before Damon kissed her, as if she really had all of Elena's conflicting emotions and morality, but did Damon kind of seem like he might have known something was up when they broke apart? I think he did ...
I really hope Caroline can stick it out another couple of seasons! We need some humans and maybe she has a secret ability, or something? I'd like her and Damon to have another go at it, but this time I'd like her to have all the power. I gues we'll wait and see!
That episode was everything I love about the Vampire Diaries. Hopefully Mayor Lockwood and Anna might resurface, and I'd rather Jeremy human for now too.


1. OMG i dont want to know how loud i was screaming when damon and "elena" kissed... and after "elena" cut john's hand off. i mean. i didnt even thought about katherine... OMG-moment! 2. i didnt like bonnie before, so i dont like here now either. 3. i think caroline survives... i mean. it wouldnt be something special, if she is dead... you know what i mean?! :) 4. i really hope so. it would be awesome.. and maybe he is falling in love with katherine... which would be disgusting, because she looks like elena... ^^ 5. OMG! i really dont know what to do without VD... and Gossip Girl is over too... i think i have to read books instead. :)


@Amanda: He and Tyler are both werewolves, Tyler just does not know it yet. The mayor did not know the the device would affect him, but it probably worked on all supernatural beings.


@Savvyde: Ofcourse Damon knows it was Katherine, you could tell by the look in his face when he touched his lips after the kiss. The scene with Katherine and John might have lasted a minute or so, but it would not have in real life, so Elena probably entered the house just when Katherine cut of John's fingers. And then Damon will come in a find Katherine and Elena in the kitchen with John dead on the floor. I bet, they'll have a "I'm Elena!", "No, I'm Elena!"-argument :P


I actually kind of hope that Jeremy dies. He's so whiny lately and so depressed, it's just like, OK we get it, but shut up already! He bugs me. But he is cute. Anyways. I wish he would die but I know that they won't actually kill him off. I think his attempt will fail.


i think damon suspected it was katherine, since he put his hand to his lips after he kissed "elena", like maybe he recognized the taste of katherine

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Elena: What can I do?
Jeremy: You can go to Hell, Elena.

Elena : I think you should stop with the flirty little comments and the eye thing you do.
Damon: What eye thing?
Elena: Don't make me regret being your friend.