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Katherine Attacks
Sorry, John Gilbert. But you crossed the wrong Elena lookalike. Katherine ended this character's life on the season one finale.

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because she cut the other hand off duhh


how come he still has his fingers and is still holding a cup after had the cut off =/ other than that excellent u go katherin


you go girl!!!


hottie elena


woaaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHH.......i tot katherine was elena,it shocks me!!!!! season 2 will be interesting woahhhh....


I love how she has her shoulders all broad & scary... so animalistic.


John: Katherine You Havent Aged A Bit Katherine: Your So Full Of It John John: Can i Finish Cooking Now? Katherine: No... I Am Going To End Your Life >:)


john: don't kill me i need to go to the bathroom Kathrine: i don't care john: well i do if i die i don't wanna pee on my self


this would be a perfect caption contest pic.
Katherine: "What did you say about my hair?!"


I think is a picture taken while they're on rehearsal, look at the black thing behind John, it wasn't in the original scene

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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Elena: What can I do?
Jeremy: You can go to Hell, Elena.

Elena : I think you should stop with the flirty little comments and the eye thing you do.
Damon: What eye thing?
Elena: Don't make me regret being your friend.

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