Did You Hear About Charlotte King?

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The aftermath of Charlotte's attack is chronicled on Private Practice.

I'm so excited to watch this episode! This is a real act of crime that hundreds of women face, and if dealt with in the right way may touch people in many different levels. I'm sure that Shonda did all of her research. They show rape, and murders, and millions of other horrific stories on different shows on network television. It doesn't matter the calliber of the story, because in reality ANY story can effect any number of people on so many different levels, depending on their personal histories and backgrounds. I'm both nervous and anxious to watch!!! But excited to see the characters have to deal with someonthin they never have before


I dont think I'll be watching Private practice again..this isn't the tone of PP...don't want to go there


i cant wait till the episode is out , poor charlotte though :(

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