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"I have no reason to trust you!" Derek scream this at Meredith in the official Grey's Anatomy promo for "Take the Lead."

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he should stop being an idiot before he loses meredith


@McDreamy: I'm right there with you.


OMG im so sick of Derek being an ass whole. he needs to for give her already

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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

How can he not tell me he's Chief of Surgery? Because I didn't have his baby?


You work, you study, you prepare. Months and years leading to one day, the day when you step up. On that day you have to be ready for everything, but there's one thing you can never quite prepare for. A day when you step down.


Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 3 Music

  Song Artist
Nothing but time Nothing But Time Opus Orange iTunes
Each other brother Each Other Brother Mozella iTunes
Rain setting out in the leaf boat Rain (Setting Out in The Leaf Boat) The Innocence Mission iTunes