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Sometimes it happens in an instance. We step up, we see a path forward. We see a path and we take it. Even when we have no idea where we're going.


Derek: I know you took her to protect her. I know you altered the trial for Adele and Richard. You stood in front of a bullet for me. I know why you do all of it. It's what I love about you.
Meredith: And hate about me.

Meredith: What do you need for me to say I'm sorry?
Derek: I need you to be sorry!

I learned in the Army that a leader is only as good as the people around him.


Sloan: No shame, no shame at all. You're still the goober.
Jackson: Gunther.

Don't give up, you'll be great. Or not. I never was.


You're the one you want them to come to, not run from.


Where do I start? Because it's general surgery and I'm cardio. Because it's first year and I'm fifth year.


Are you guys the slow class?

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