Grey's Anatomy Review: Riding Solo

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Three hours into Season 8 and there is no doubt, Grey’s Anatomy is back.

The recipe is the same from the beginning: complicated relationships, great friendships, and heart-wrenching cases. This is exactly how I like my Thursdays, tied up in a perfectly wrapped Grey bow. Corny, I know, but I had to go there.

A Bright Shade of Grey

So let’s get to it. "Take the Lead” was exactly that. The fifth-year residents got their first solo surgeries and took steps to mend their relationships. Others let go of their lead and some were just MIA.

Have Fun Teaching Skills Labs, Goober. The cases were the best part about this episode, hands down. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, especially when it leads to Sloan calling Jackson a goober and Cristina and Teddy forgetting the basics. Avery was the loser by forfeit. Guess the Gunther thing only lasted a week.

Awaiting Instructions

Chief Dr. Webber. Well, that’s that. Webber stepped down in light of the Meredith situation and named Owen his replacement. Bailey = pissed. Not only is she angry about him taking the fall for Mer, but now he has someone else fill his shoes? I would have totally chosen Bailey. Just saying. The upside? Bossy Bailey Is Back. Webber does seem much happier though, doesn’t he?

How Do We Fix This? Relationships were on the mend tonight and it’s about time. After some awkward moments, Cristina and Owen shared food poisoning on the bathroom floor. Nothing like a bad spring roll to ease the pain. This scene was flawless.

Meredith and Derek was no McDreamy during surgery, leading to a big fight at home. To play devil's advocate, you can see where he is coming from. Maybe they can’t work together because the trust is gone, but I was glad to see Derek admit he won’t walk away from Mer. Now we wait on the news for Zola. Honestly, I won’t be devastated if she doesn’t return. Will you?

Jackie Picture
Other thoughts...
  • Where is Lexie? She made a brief appearance last week and wasn’t even mentioned tonight. What’s the deal Little Grey?
  • Minimal usage of Callie, Arizona, and Sloan. As much as I love me some McSteamy, I am really enjoying the focus on the original characters.
  • April are starting to grow on me.
  • Next week will be an episode form the boys’ point of view. Good idea or bad? I’m thinking AMAZING. Watch the promo HERE.
April K.
So another solid episode coming out of Seattle Grace. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you miss Lexie or not even notice she was gone? Is it time Derek stops being angry? Sound off below and let us know what you thought of “Take The Lead."


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I believe the actor who plays Lexie is on maternity leave. She was pregnant in real life towards the end of last season.


It was a solid episode and I liked that.It was like old greys with the humor and the interactions. I know I'll be in the minority but I was ECSTATIC that Derek called Mer out on never facing consequences, because she doesnt.She was never held accountable for her actions(as usual) and everybody else suffered (der,the chief,alex,zola) as usual. Im thrilled that Avery is being properly used though I hate that irritating Arizona talked him out of his surgery.So glad she and Callie are taking a backseat,their storyline last yr was a pain in the ass. Loved Alex.Loved Yang and owen resolving there issues. Kinda missed lexie not being present but not too much.Outside of having to see arizona and mer in general I loved the episode. I think the guys next wk will be AWESOME! I tend to like all of them more then the girls anyways.They should switch perspectives more often. Mk use of great characters like Mark,Avery,Hunt outside of the girls


Hey, does anyone know about the music from this episode? Cant wait to listen to it once again!


Vintage GA. Thought it was great.I don't consider Meredith and Derek to be back together even though he is in the house. I laughed when he said post it. He did run for five plus days. Didn't miss little grey until you mentioned it.


I loved this episode because it reminded me why I fell in love with Grey's Anatomy. Though I like some of the secondary characters, I've missed focusing on the main characters. It was good to see Meredith, Cristina and Alex grow into surgeons who are forced to act on their own, recall their knowledge and experience, and at times, follow their gut. Even though Derek was still being an ass, I like that he finally acknowledged the motivation behind Meredith's actions. As for him not running, I don't agree with him on that. He did run. His first reaction was to move out and avoid her...that's running in my opinion. I think the only reason he came home was for appearance sake so they could get Zola back but that's speculation on my part. Glad he acknowledged the post-it vows and more importantly, I'm glad Meredith didn't beg for the marriage and was open to letting him go if that's what he wanted. I hope they find their way back to each other but I'm still waiting for someone, preferably Alex or Richard (in the all boys episode), to remind him that he is far from perfect and in that respect, he and Meredith are well suited for each other. So happy for a classic Grey's episode.


Yay arizona is back with the rollie sneaks:) I want to see more of how her and callie are adapting to being married and being parents. I'm glad mer and alex are better. Cristina and owen too. Really happy that mer and derek are working on their problems. Can't wai til Thursday!


I agree that this seemed like old Grey's. I love the new office and that everyone walked in and made themselves at home. The best scenes from the first few seasons happened in the hallway lined with gurneys. It was good stuff. As far as Lexie goes..I did not even notice she was gone which says a lot however, I thought I heard she was preggers in real life.


Not a bad episode. Enjoyed Alex very much. But it would be nice if we could see more of Callie, she needs a storyline (that doesn't include Mark).


Well let's hope and prey that Derek finally realises that Mer is the only person he can work with after kepner stuffs up majorly (apparently that is coming) remember Mer knows all his moves and the way he likes to operate even if he is being the typical neuro surgeon douche.


ummm where the heck is lexi??? just wondering but she was barely in the season premire and now she wasn't in it at all this past week. she's one of my favorites and now she's not even there!!! :(

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