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It's a long way back. On April 28, we'll understand the true meaning of that statement on Grey's Anatomy. Here's the first promo for it.
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Omg so it is something to do with Adele!! Hope she doesn't get caught :/


why do i have a feeling that what Mer is stealing has something to do with Adele's alzheimers condition??


best comment i'v read so far...IT'S A SHOW PPL


It doesn't really matter whether or not a real baby can survive at 23 weeks or not. If the writers/producers want the baby to live than the baby will live.


I think all you ppl who think this whole thing between Mark, Calli, and Arizona, need to shut and think about something... ITS A SHOW! get over some stuff for crying out loud. How do you really know how the ppl on the show feel about one another. The writers no and thats about it, cause they are the ones who control how the show is going to go. So suck it up, if you dont like how the show is going stop watching it! Have a nice day>>>>>Me


I agree with chris. Mark is pathetic and the way he said earlier in the episode 7.18 "that if I had to have another son, slept with Callie again"is simply pathetic. The saddest part is that i think Callie would agree with him. Callie don't love Arizona, she love the idea of being loved by her. Callie needs to lose someone (Arizona or baby) to wake up to reality and eventually realized that life is not like she wants. Unfortunately the baby will be fine and she will marry. So she has everything (Arizona, baby and Mark who can sleep when she want). I feel sorry for Arizona.


When Mer drowned, she got to live but she lost her mother who died. When Mer watched Der bleed out from a gunshot wound, she got to keep him but lost her pregnancy/baby - and now she isn't able to get preggers. So what about Callie? Where is the equity here? Callie has her bi-dream (Az and Mark), the dream baby shower, the baby, and now a wedding. So what has she given up in exchange? A mom that disapproves? Who cares? Its been seven years and we've never even met her mom, so why should her moms disapproval mean anything in way of loss for getting to live through the car accident AND getting everything else she every wanted as well? In 6x22, callie said she didn't want kids if it meant she couldn't be with Az. Obviously she hasn't kept that promise because she bitched and moaned and made Az's life miserable about going to malawi because it meant not staying at SGMW and on her own plan to go back and not skip steps and have a kid with Az. As soon as Az left, she didn't hop on a plane and follow her, she jumped in bed with mark and got preggers. Az has proven she loves Callie above all else since coming back from Malawi and in return she has had every fear she ever verbilized dumped on her. While callie has turned into a narcisistic bitch and gotten everything she ever wanted. When does the bill come due for Callie the way it has for Mer?
I really don't want to watch another season of CAM and this time with a baby! Mark screaming I'm the dad 3-4 times an episode is just pathetic - please NO MORE CAM and Mark the manwhore with daddy issues! Grey's used to be about sex and scalpels, I hope it gets back to that soon and that the baby gets written out. If we have to have a kid on the show, let it be Mer/Ders, they have at least earned it!!


The youngest baby every born and survived was 21 weeks and six days gestation... she was in the hospital for 4 months then released to go home. So it is possible, as for the show... who knows if the baby will live or die, either way it makes for good drama. Just sucks we have to wait until April 28th to see the next new one.


ACTUALLY, the youngest child ever to survive was 21 weeks, and he is perfectly healthy man 23 years later. So it's absolutely possible for a child to survive at that age with the help of intensive care. They are as risk for an incredible amount of health problems. Sorry, Mary but you need to look into something before you freak out at someone. And who knows maybe that person is related to the guy I mentioned and was accidently a week off. (Either way, who cares? ITS A SHOW).


I honestly hope the character baby dies, the show would suck with a baby. Sounds bad, but its only a tv show and I really do not want to watch that messed up situation unfold.

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It's not safe. The last time she was in a car she nearly died. We both nearly died.


You're right. You are absolutely right. Cars are not safe for children. Ok, neither are bookcases or squirrels, strong winds, people who sneeze. They're all going to get your baby. But honey you don't feel this was because you were in an accident. You feel this way because you are a parent.