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The Season 9 opening credits/intro for NCIS. Always enjoyable.


The good son was awesome. I am glad it is on Tuesday {my day off} I have been a fan when it first started. Tony is adorable and extremely good looking i always take pictures of him on tv and he is on my main screen on my computer. Mark Harmon still has his handsome looks that is one man that has aged gracefully. His wife is lucky. Never heard anything bad in tabloids about him and his family. Does mark and his wife have kids? Ziva great catch for NCIS. Like her better than Kate. McGee is cute he has a boyish charm that makes him adorable. Abbey is very smart love the way she dresses she is so cute. Duckey I wish they give him a wife he needs a lady in his life. He a good catch. They need to put Palmer in the opening credits I love it when he starts talking and Gibbs looks at him like are you done. He is a cutie and his fiancé compliments him.
Vance and his family brings out the softer side of him.
One more thing JLC has got too go she is not for Gibbs she is too manly looking maybe a long lost sister or something but she is not sexy at all.

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NCIS Quotes

Boss, would you mind sitting with me?


Salim: [re: truth serum] It will not take long for it to start working.
Tony: You're gonna be dead soon, you know.

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