Espo and Ryan hilariously play to the cameras in this fun Castle clip. It's from the episode "Swan Song."
Castle and Beckett interrogate a cult leader in this clip from "Swan Song." He is played by C. Thomas Howell.
The victim on "Swan Song" grew up in a cult. Castle and company follow the clues from there in this sneak peek.
Castle and Lanie play to the camera in this hilarious clip from "Swan Song." A documentary is following around their every move.
Musicians buying drugs? Castle thinks he's on to something in this clip from "Swan Song."
We go behind the music on this episode of Castle. It looks like an especially fun one.

Castle Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

That ain't ketchup.


Ryan: You're shirts really tight, did you change it?
Esposito: I spilled something.

Castle Season 5 Episode 7 Music

  Song Artist
Song To the Moon Tone Depth
Song Back Out On The Road Again Holy Shemp
Song Lies Holy Shemp