A sneak preview of "Double Identity." Blair and Serena talk about her upcoming date with Louis and Serena's big choice.
Another promo for the second episode of Gossip Girl's fourth season, "Double Identity." This one is the Canadian version.
The extended promo for the second episode of season four of Gossip Girl. Here's a new look at "Double Identity"!
The first promo for the second episode of the fourth season of Gossip Girl. What will happen when Chuck and Blair reunite?

Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

I don't love you anymore. But it takes more than even you to destroy a Blair Waldorf.


Chuck: When you dragged me in from that alley, you didn't just save my life, you gave me the hope of a new one.
Eva: Well the you I've been living with never did anything to be ashamed of. I hope you'll bring some of him with you back to your world.
Chuck: I fully intend to. If you'll come with me.
Eva: To New York? You got me a ticket?
Chuck: We don't need tickets. I'm Chuck Bass.