The 'NCIS' cast talks about their Halloween episode, and the show's hilarious behind-the-scene pranks.
A clip from NCIS Season 11 Episode 6, "Oil and Water." Abby (Borin) is the Agent In Charge!
A sneak preview clip from this week's all-new NCIS, "Oil and Water."
Next week on NCIS, a joint investigation with the Coast Guard takes center stage once again.

NCIS Season 11 Episode 6 Quotes

Borin: I didn't just lose three fellow Marines in that blast. Gibbs I lost my Marine. Liam. He always had to be the one leading the charge. That was his style. He was strong, stubborn. God. Cocky as all hell.
Gibbs: Marine's a Marine.

Gibbs: Whaddya got?
Tony: Crabs.
Borin: We have a problem.
Gibbs: Worse than DiNozzo's crabs?