Who is Rose? Who is Elijah? What do they want with Elena? We meet fresh blood on the episode "Rose," previewed here and now.
Bonnie plays a key role on this episode of The Vampire Diaries. Get an early look at it via the official CW preview posted here.
Can Stefan negotiate a peace between him, Damon and Mason Lockwood? He tries to do so in this two-minute clip from "Kill or Be Killed."
Damon tries to get Elena to hate him less in this clip from "Bad Moon Rising." He claims he saw the ring on Jeremy's hand when he went to snap his neck.
Damon and Stefan chat over a drink in this clip from "Brave New World." During the clip, Damon speculates on the Lockwoods, while Stefan tries to get him to focus on Katherine.
Spoiler alert: don't watch this promo for "Brave New World" if you wanna remain in the dark about the fate of Caroline. It gives viewers a look at what's become of her.

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Quotes

I already killed you once, I can easily do it again.

Katherine [to Caroline]

Stefan: Elena made her decision. She's choosing to trust Elijah. I'm going to put my faith in her.
Damon: Why? She's going to end up dead.
Stefan: Because she put her faith in me. She chose to trust me in spite of what I am. I'm going to bet on somebody's instincts, it's going to be hers.
Damon: Well, then, that makes you the biggest idiot of them all.
Stefan: She chose to trust you, too.
Damon: Then maybe you shouldn't be so sure about her instincts.