Suits Promo: "Discovery"

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Travis is back on this episode of Suits. Check out the official USA promo for "Discovery" now."
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BABY UltraLord was cute!br /Carl: (giggles) Yeah, he is. Hey, can I boorrw your Baby UltraLord doll when we get back home?br /Sheen: It's an ACTION FIGURE! And just for that you can't boorrw him!br /Jimmy: Guys, I need you to focus! [edit]br /Carl: The mooniemen might be around us!br /Sheen: Maybe one of us is a moonieman!br /Carl: Ah! Sheen's a moonieman!br /Sheen: Or maybe you are a moonieman!br /Carl: AHH!!! I'M A MOONIEMAN!!! [edit]br /Jimmy: Batteries to power br /Sheen: Ooh! Wait, Jimmy! I wanna say it! I wanna say it!br /Jimmy: (sighs) Go /Sheen: Batteries to /(Jimmy pushes a button)br /Sheen: Turbines to /(Jimmy shifts into gear)br /Sheen: And kick it, homie!br /Jimmy: Hey, say it right!br /Sheen: (unenthusiastically) Lift off. [edit]br /Carl: This is all like some weird dream! B-but I know I'm not dreaming, cause there'd be llamas in it and Jimmy's mom's (sees Sheen and Jimmy staring weirdly at him) cookies! [edit]br /Brobot: I don't like /Carl: Tell me about it. [edit]br /Sheen: Cool! We get to get shot out of an airlock!br /Jimmy: Sheen, we won't survive being shot into space!br /Sheen: Oh. But still, an airlock! [edit]br /Jimmy: What?! Nobody uses my rocket ship for a toilet!br /Carl: Um, actually, Jimmy, I /p

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Suits Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

They aren't just coming after you, they are coming after all of us. Pearson. Hardman.


Harvey: You really trust him?
Jessica: At them, moment we don't really have a choice.