Suits Review: Liabilities

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There was certainly a lot of "Discovery" taking place on Suits this week, some of which threatened to besmirch the good name of the firm, its clients and the associates.

With Harvey was among those hit the hardest, Donna may pay the price for a mistake made four years ago.

Travis Returns

One things is certain: Travis Tanner knows how to come in and upset an already tipping apple cart. And this isn't the first time he's done it.

Unfortunately for Harvey, that time he had the upper hand in the ethics department. This time, Harvey's tactics might actually catch up to him, even if these particular accusations are false. Perception is everything, and if Tanner has his way, Harvey will be perceived as a fraud.

Not to mention the fact that Donna will have to come forward with the document that proves that Harvey had the opportunity and possession of the report often referred to as "the smoking gun" in the Coastal Motors case.

When Donna discovered that it not only existed, but she had signed off on it, she was clearly devastated.

I've surmised that this season was tailor made to challenge the relationships of these characters to one another and in in relation to the firm as a whole, and it's starting to add up to just that.

Jessica and Harvey should have known better than to put off telling Hardman what was about to come at them, especially since it involved a potential lawsuit.

He may be their mutual arch nemesis, but when he has time and again referenced his apparent desire to keep the firm on the up and up, they should have know Hardman would blow a gasket.

But, when you really think about it, who was truly responsible for that timeline significantly shrinking?

That's right: Harvey.

Louis continues to be a loose cannon at this firm, willing to flip to whatever side will most benefit him. He's not below ratting out his enemies in the heat of the moment, which is exactly what happened here. If Harvey had just listened to what Louis was proposing and taken him seriously, he likely would have not only gained an ally in the fight, but spared himself Hardman's wrath.

I am intrigued by the possibility of Jessica, Harvey and Daniel all working together to deflect this lawsuit. Are they capable? Certainly. Is it feasible? With their checkered past, it's hard to say. For the health and future of the firm it's completely necessary that it does.

I'm really worried about Donna going forward. She's my girl. It's going to be terribly rough to suffer through her possible persecution in the coming week.

Another one of my girls, Rachel, had quite the encounter with Harold, the awkward associate who embarrasses me just by being on the screen. He's so socially inept and awkward that you can't help but love him. But what on earth was that all about in the law library? It was like he was just now realizing that Rachel was a looker.

Come on. Seriously? Like that's not a given from first sight?

Sadly, for Harold and his stapler, their relationship will go no further than her research for his cases. Quite frankly, I'm okay with that. Props to him for effort, though.

Some other highlights from the episode:

  • Team Litt/Ross. Enough said.
  • Harold walking in on Donna and Mike. Best cover up plan ever, Donna.
  • Louis deciding to leave his infamous recorder in Harvey's office.
  • Rachel having a drawer dedicated to staplers. In my opinion, she should be using the red one. It's cute.

What do you think the strain of Donna's discovery will put on the firm and Harvey's lawsuit? Are both their careers about to be irreversibly besmirched?


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Or maybe not. Maybe Louis is just a snake.


I think Harvey or Mike will discover Donna's secret and protect her (after all isn't that what Harvey does for Mike?)I have a love/hate thing for Louis. He's a snake but does have a heart somewhere hidden way way down deep.


Cannot wait for the next episode !!!!!
I REALLY hope Harvey doesn't fire Donna... Harvey without her is not Harvey ! And yes she screwed up, yes it's gonna cost BIG, but... there's still hope right?


OMG !!!!!! Please Harvey don't fire Donna... This season is just too intense ! Phew ! Last episode, forgot to comment though it was just AWESOME ! The "You're The Man"... well nuf said !
Litt?Ross team ROCKED, for a fleeting moment. Still wanna see more, but I knew that what Mike was doing would put an end to this new bromance...
It is amazing how fast Louis' s allegiance can change ! But the recorder... SERIOUSLY !!! wow, that man is very interesting...
Loved She-Louis last episode, really wanted to see more.
Harold lol poor him, but his scenes were priceless. I agree, useless but still fun to watch. Donna is sooo resourceful ! And who woulda thought, Rachel's stapler drawer... NICE !
But the uy really wants Harvey's head man... wow, so much hatred ! Forces are joined, another war is on the way, or is it a battle... But Jessica and Harvey really need to start playing with Hardman, which they forced to do when he found out about the fraud lawsuit.
Cannot wait for the next episode !!!!!


Very good. Rachel/Harold was funny but pointless.


What an awesome episode! Season two of suits has been insane and intense! I for one loved litt. /Ross bromance despite it being so fleeting. Louis was awesome but clearly the guy needs to get over being so sensitive and needing all this praise. He isn't completely deprived of it and its childish. I love him being a wild card though. It's so Louis. I think the Jessica, Harvey, Daniel alliance will be interesting. Like the enemy of my enemy is my friend type of thing. This Donna development has me intrigued. This show thrives on these fantastic, strong relationships. Donna and Harvey are clearly the best of friends. Their bond is unshakable so I look forward to seeing that tested! Especially given the already tested relationship he has with Jessica. Its like a house of cards with the strongest bonds on the show threatening to tumble. I love it!


I'm pretty sure someone planted the memo, not quite sure that it was Hardman but it's a possibility. Stripping Donna from Harvey would be a blow, and Hardman certainly looks capable of that. Wouldn't it be a gas if Harold was the mole, however? What a perfect cover. What's a nerd like that doing in the pressure cooker of that office.
I think Jessica and Harvey were afraid of client reaction (and potential legal ramifications) when they pushed Hardman out they way they did rather than expose him publically.
I love the way Louis' dictaphone becomes central to each story. Not sure what that gift cost, but Hardman bought an ally for a song with it.


Wow so thoughts: Louis is a loose cannon. Quite frankly, it's not enough for him to be good at his job...he is the type that people have to notice and give him praise. This part of his personality is about to have him aligned with the wrong person. Because Hardman seems like the type to say anything to get you on his side and then your disposable. Plot Hole:
I am sorry but I cannot remember why Jessica or Harvey did not go to the authorities regarding Hardman's embezzlement. Was this ever explained? If it was, I don't remember it. I can only assume it's because they thought it would look bad to clients. Also, why did they blackmail Hardman with telling his wife about an affair as opposed to telling the cops about his crimes? Now it looks like they were complacent if it ever comes out. This seems kind of dumb to me. Harvey: Is it just me or is he gone from pleasantly snarky to doing things this season that are actually mean? I mean his comment about Louis being pathetic is completely unprofessional. Plus, work wise he seems off his game. The whole Rachel/associate whose name I can't remember...
This plot was completely unnecessary...I personally don't care who Rachel dates and we all know it won't be this guy. Donna: Poor Donna...for someone so loyal Harvey, he seems to question her integrity on a regular basis. Mike: Mike needs to stop wasting his time and actually earn a degree. He is smart enough that he shouldn't have to keep up this charade. He doesn't want to end 35, degree-less, and still a con artist. Or at least go to school secretly, while is being a con artist. Hardman: Holding all the cards because Jessica and Harvey know he committed a crime and didn't do anything....which I am not a lawyer but also seems like a crime.


I think Hardman planted that report, this is exactly what they have been hinting at this season. Hardman wants harvey and Jessica gone and this is how he's gonna do it.

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