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Harvey contracts Mike out to Louis on a product case. They two get along surprisingly well unto Louis gets wind of something Harvey is hiding, revealing it to Hardman in a fit of anger


Harvey gets accused by Travis Tanner of committing fraud during a case four years ago involving a car hood defect by withholding crucial evidence. The case eventually gets settled with the company, but Tanner insists he will continue to come after Harvey.


Donna, anxious to help Harvey clear his name, scours the files to find the report he was accused of withholding, only to find that she was the one who signed off on it, and it did, in fact, exist.


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WOW this pushed me over the edge! I'm going to get a tlaebt. I especially could benefit from the DocuSign app. Once I get it, I can just come see you and your company can network it with my home computer so when I'm traveling I can access the files at home is that right? That would be big for me because I invariably need a file that's on my home computer when I get up north for the weekend! Thanks for an interesting and timely show about computer tlaebts.

Beverly brooks

Just waiting for Thursday night.

Suits Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

They aren't just coming after you, they are coming after all of us. Pearson. Hardman.


Harvey: You really trust him?
Jessica: At them, moment we don't really have a choice.