The Undergraduates Promo: Extended

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A promo of "The Undergraduates," the September 27, 2010 episode of Gossip Girl. Looks like another good one!

im loving new gossip girl.So much drama!!! Everyone is talking about Chair come on there are other people.... Serena she totally needs a new boy her and dan are so cute but i like nate too.I love you gossip girl xxxx


eva is too sweet and innocent. something big is gonna happen with this new love affair! xoxo


i love blair waldorf! but i wish she doesnt become too obsessive about chuck and eva because it makes her insecure. she needs a better guy to make chuck jealous.


Loved "It doesn't matter if the dress is couture when the girl is off the rack"
I think it is great that B is getting her bitchiness back she lost it last season :)
It seems like Serena is going to realise that she isnt always the centre of attention!! i love that Juliet is coming in and excluding Serena! Serena looked so jealous and by pulling Blair's hair!(not a classy move) CHAIR FOREVER! but i wouldnt mind seeing a little DAIR...


i love blair if she says bad stuff! LOL.. shes jsut so good wih it! she and chuck are good together! i just hope that in the end it will S and N as well and not DAN humbpfrey who is just as low!!

Elise of the upper east side

that is so mean of blair! i love b but eva seems like a genuine, innocent girl and if I had to say which is a more 'couture' person, I'd say its eva!! (she is french!) thats so rude and she has no reason to be so vicious to her! I want her to be mature about it all like she was with chuck at the end of episode 2, and if she has to be a b*tch, at least don't prey on nice people who haven't done anything to you. ugh thats so sad and mean :( can't wait for all the chuck scenes!!


eh, close...she says "if" twice


"It doesn't matter if the dress is couture when the girl is off the rack"


I feel so bad for Eva when B says "It's off the rack"

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Blair: The good thing about no Gossip Girl: no Chuck. What about you? You're the one who has to start college with an ex-boyfriend loose on campus.
Serena: Oh there won't be any issues. Nate and I are still friends even if he is dating some gorgeous blonde named Juliet.
Blair: Oh, please. You are Serena van der Woodsen. We've been on campus what, five minutes? I bet there's already a frat house filled with guys fighting over you. And don't worry, my jealousy issues are as over as... surf fabrics for evening wear. And besides, we're carrying on our divide and conquer strategy from Paris.
Serena: But where will our neutral meeting ground be? Hot & Crusty will not possibly do after Café Louie Phillippe.
Blair: But Hamilton House will.

Chuck will soon realize that it doesn't matter if the dress is couture if the girl is off the rack. And then, as with all things that don't fit, you'll be sent back to where you came from.