No Longer Henry
Chuck Bass is Chuck Bass, no matter how he dresses. But will he finally accept what he did and who he is?

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I so hope him and B get back together. And I agree, it was consensual. I mean, come on, he thought he had already lost B so how can she blame him for sleeping with someone else when they werent even together? And why get all dramatic over little J? What about all the other girls he was screwing around with? Didnt seem to bother her then. So yeah, I love Chuck Bass and he deserves to get a happy ending. Cant wait for the next episode!!!!!!




"accept what he did"? -- Seriously? I really dont get why everyone is blaming Chuck when what happened between him and Jenny was consensual. Seriously.


love him!

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Blair: The good thing about no Gossip Girl: no Chuck. What about you? You're the one who has to start college with an ex-boyfriend loose on campus.
Serena: Oh there won't be any issues. Nate and I are still friends even if he is dating some gorgeous blonde named Juliet.
Blair: Oh, please. You are Serena van der Woodsen. We've been on campus what, five minutes? I bet there's already a frat house filled with guys fighting over you. And don't worry, my jealousy issues are as over as... surf fabrics for evening wear. And besides, we're carrying on our divide and conquer strategy from Paris.
Serena: But where will our neutral meeting ground be? Hot & Crusty will not possibly do after Café Louie Phillippe.
Blair: But Hamilton House will.

Chuck will soon realize that it doesn't matter if the dress is couture if the girl is off the rack. And then, as with all things that don't fit, you'll be sent back to where you came from.