Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Undergraduates"

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Welcome back, Upper East Siders, to another edition of TVF's Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panel reflects on the events of Monday's episode, "The Undergraduates."

Below, Gossip Guy and Mister Meester and our fearless leader DANdy take on a variety of topics, from Juliet's mystery agenda to Eva's secret and Blair's bitchiness ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?

Gossip Guy: Definitely Blair going over Serena's laundry list of men, including multiple trips to Brooklyn. Close second was Blair comparing Juliet to catfish.

Mister Meester: Georgina explaining the full baby plot line to us in one breath. It was the most ridiculous story ever, yet not, because it's Georgina. Classic.

DANdy: It was just a name within a quote, but I smirked at Georgina's references to the scorned Russian Oksana. I think there's another shady Russian by that same name who has spawned a child with a certain Jew-hating violent actor ...

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2. Which roommate situation will unravel first: Chuck and Eva, Dan and Vanessa, or Blair and Serena?

Gossip Guy: It might just be wishful thinking, but I'm going with Danessa. I clearly see a fight over bath mat breaking them up next week, sending V off of the show for good. Trust me, the bath mat is that ugly.

Mister Meester: In order of implosion: Chuck-Eva, Danessa and BS. Chuck and Eva barely know each other. Dan wants to put it to someone else. Blair and Serena fight a lot, but always get back together eventually. Plus, they don't have to share a bed.

DANdy: Sadly, their initials say it all. It's utter BS if anyone believes these on-and-off again BFFs can survive under the same roof. Good luck handling the carnage, Dorota.

3. Eva: Sweet and innocent, or hiding something?

Gossip Guy: This is Gossip Girl, everyone is hiding something. I guess in this case we'll go with the obvious, she's just another social climber looking at the Bass fortune.

Mister Meester: I read too many Gossip Girl spoilers to answer this one objectively. But let's just say sweet, kind, unassuming Eva may have a trick or two up her sleeve.

DANdy: I refuse to believe that someone named after the love of Wall-E's life could be anything except sweet and innocent.

Blonde Georgina Pic!

AND STAY OUT: Have we seen the last of Geor-gina Sparks?

4. Will Georgina be back?

Gossip Guy: Georgina is like a bad case of herpes. Just when everything seems perfect again for our cast, she'll have to return to stir up some trouble.

Mister Meester: Okay, allow me to vent about this whole plot briefly. Even if we accept the entire ruse to convince Oksana the baby was Dan's and not Sergei's, Georgina takes off for a matter of days, then comes back, wants the kid and Dan just acquiesces? He had no legal control over Milo, no. But what about his moral compass? Watching him fight to keep the baby from Georgina, or her disappearing for a long stretch, whereabouts unknown, would have been much more compelling. This was wasted potential in my opinion. It's like the producers got tired of G and ushered her out. If she does come back, she deserves much better.

DANdy: Sigh. Let's hope not. Did anyone really believe Milo was Dan's son? At this point, there's nothing even shocking about Georgina's story lines because we're preparing for nothing but lies and deceit. She's a great character with a great name, but her run should be over.

5. Who is Juliet's incarcerated pal?

Gossip Guy: I dunno, but sucks to be him 'cause Nate is totally going to bang his girlfriend while he continues to fight off inmates. Did you see that kiss? You can't fake that kind of passion. Especially when Chace Crawford is one of the two actors. Seriously, dude can't act.

Mister Meester: This might be straight out of left field, but Juliet's mention of Pete Fairman got me thinking. If the alumni didn't really block Serena from Hamilton House because of the whole sex tape / killing someone thing, how would Juliet have known about it? Perhaps this incarcerated hunk is connected to Pete somehow. Could explain why Serena is the target ...

DANdy: Hmm... he's in a minimum security prison for a white collar crime. He has a romantic attachment to Juliet. My best guess: he's a former Bass Industries employee who is now set on avenging the family of his former employer, while trying to remain safe in jail and not take it in the ... Bass.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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I wonder if he is someone Nate's father may have destroyed..




georgina sparks gonna return to gossip girl season 4 again AS sherilyn phillips to Bit JULIET!


In response to Gossip Guy: Yes, Chace can act, and act well! I’ve seen all of his 5 movies and I ensure you that he can. I just don’t get why only on Gossip Girl he does such an average job (except for 1st season, when he was clearly better). Maybe he is not motivated by Nate Archibald anymore, so he doesn’t give 100% to this role, but he can do better if he wants to.
I just think it’s so unfair to judge any person based on an isolated event…though it is not very smart not to care about sucking at your main job, cuz that’s your showcase for future projects...sad :(


i agree to the fact that juliet is related to the onvict, who, in turn, is related to pete fairman. ergo, serena is the target and juliet has the clear the path that comes in serena's way. nice going. i love that you gave serena's character some substance this time, as a columbia student.i still believe that nate and serena as a loveteam is a mystique that one can't mess around for good. serena and dan - boring. i hope to see more of serena with substance, not just the tall-leggy blonde bombshell. in Sisterhood of the Travelling pants, blake with the alexis bledel, tamblyn and ferrera are dynamic as friends. why not include them in some of your episodes? it would a smashing episode considering that they (especially alexis bledel) have already a large following in the 18- 60 age category. i am sure gilmore girls' and ugly betty's followers would be extatic to watch gossip girls


OMG. I didn't even think of Pete at first! But that makes sense!!! =D
Juliet and the guy in jail must be connected somehow to the whole pete fairman thing. I too think that Eva is hiding something...innocent girl in red light district?? the %^&* is up with that...something is off there.. and how she quickly accepts that he lied to her about his name.. blew her off in front of Rufus and Eric and then once she finds out who he really is just decides to stay no questions asked??
Eh.. she's either completely stupid or has another agenda. As for the Georgina/Dan/Baby thing.. I think there is more too it than just that...
if that is it for that whole shinanigen then I'm sorry but the writers of Gossip Girl attempted for more drama but failed miserably..
I personally think that Dan will end up fighting for Milo in future episodes.. he did sign the document saying that he was Milo's father.. that DOES give him some right, even if he is not genetically related to him.. it's a legal document... just like Lily being Chucks guardian.. even though she is not related to him she still have 100% say in anything until he gets Bass industries.
and plus, he was willing to keep Milo instead of putting him into custody of another family (families) even if he wasn't his son.. I think he will soon realize his mistake..
just my two cents


yay that true 'milk'
the guy in jailed is something to do with season 1 of drugs of serena & georgina ! OWWWWWWWW i can't wait if GEORGINA SPARKS is back !!!! we need some crazy DRAMA BLAST of Georgina return to town as A BITCH again ! it was so awesome story of GOSSIP GIRL SCANDALOUS STORY OF GEORGINA WHEN SEASON 1 & SEASON 2 WHEN SHE RETURN TO UES!


I thought Juliet's friend was Gabriel, Serena's old con friend.


i gotta give credit to the writers somehow because i can feel a bit of season 1 in the last few episodes lately, which is good. i love serena and blair scheming. however, it does get a little predictable sometimes. in addition to that, id like strong comebacks and stronger serena-blair schemes gossip girl style!
im not trying to sound like some critic though cos im not, im just speaking based on my own preferences. leave it or take it.


1. They're not quotes per se: I love how when Eva says Blair's name it sounds like "Blehr", and Blair's "Oh my gosh." sound vaguely Jessica Simpson-ish minus the southern accent.
2. In order: DV, CE, and BS. Like B&S could share a bathroom?
3. I have to agree with Gossip Guy here: everybody is hiding something on this show.
4. This most recent "comeback" of Georgina's was so pathetic, I hope she doesn't comeback until the writers figure out something really good for her to comeback for!
5. I'm not really caring who the guy behind bars is. Why couldn't B&S figure out who Gossip Girl was from the angle of the live video? It's clearly someone in Hamilton House and probably one of the two girls that were shown standing in the corner. And if Nate & Juliet were both members of HH last year (as I assume one would have to be in order to become Keymaster the following year), how come they never met until the end of summer? Shouldn't they know each other already?

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Blair: The good thing about no Gossip Girl: no Chuck. What about you? You're the one who has to start college with an ex-boyfriend loose on campus.
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Blair: Oh, please. You are Serena van der Woodsen. We've been on campus what, five minutes? I bet there's already a frat house filled with guys fighting over you. And don't worry, my jealousy issues are as over as... surf fabrics for evening wear. And besides, we're carrying on our divide and conquer strategy from Paris.
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