The Vampire Diaries Promo: "Dangerous Liaisons"

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You are invited, Vampire Diaries fans, to a killer party. Get your first look here at the episode "Dangerous Liaisons."
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VAMPIRES DIARIES I want Elena and Damon to be together!
Elena ande Damon should sleep together so she
can see what she's missing out on with Damon!
Elena already loves Damon she just loves Stefan
more for now!


I cannot waite to see what heats up between Caroline and klaus. Seeing a romantic side of Klaus should be very juicy. The scene between the two of them on her birthday was spell binding. He truly had me interested. Can't waite to see stephen and Elana romantic again. No dought Damon is hot, but Stephen is so sweet, gorgeous and also dangerous. The vibe between them is so great and I just miss seeing it.


I Agree, the toast between Elena + Elijah is so cool., Maybe they could get together for a while? or him and Kat or... Caroline + Klaus
Elena + Damon
Katerina + Stephan
Tatia + Elijah There! Everyone gets a doppleganger and Klaus moves on to a blond beauty...At least for a while lol. Any thoughts guys????


Seeing Elena and Elijah toasting together makes me smile.


Mmm, I have to say that I admire TVD for episodes where everyone wears nice clothes for a change....


@VDluv Apparently Tyler isn't going to be in 5 epis, last night's being the first. Promo looks epic!


why isn't Tyler in the promo or pictures? :( that means more screen time for Caroline and Klaus!


after Original scenes ... Elena, Stefan, Damon who?


so we can assume damon throws stefan off the balcony by the looks of things!

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Drive much?

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